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Independent travelling in Cyclades: 6 tips

Cyclades ● 01 April 2018

Independent travelling is the new must among young and curious travellers, who want to feel like explorers and discover everything amazing the destination has to offer. Without holiday package in Greece, you can have the freedom to go everywhere you desire, enjoy the aura of the place and understand its hidden character away from mass tourism. If you have decided to travel independently in the Cyclades, these useful tips will help you in a once in a lifetime journey!

Greek Island Hopping

We recommend you to visit not only one Greek island. Cycladic islands are located very close to each other, and you can easily spend 2-3 days on each place and then go to another island in less than 1-2 hours by ferry. That is the great asset of bespoke holidays: choose on your own the destination that attracts you and create the ultimate trip for you! Sifnos- Serifos-Milos-Folegandros or Paros-Mykonos-Syros-Naxos or Amorgos-Santorini-Anafi or Kea-Kythnos-Andros are only some of the combinations you can make in order to see various islands in a short distance.


Ferry pass

If you like the idea of island hopping in the Cyclades, then don't buy separated tickets. They cost more and give you no flexibility. The key to relaxing and alternative holidays is to book a ferry pass, which gives you the opportunity to travel from one island to another anytime you want with the greatest freedom you can have. Isn't it what you wanted when you decided to travel without a holiday package? Plus, you pay the price of only one ticket, but you do up to 9 routes to 7 different islands (learn more)!

Book online

Every independent traveller aims to find super ferry and accommodation deals. Don't search for them in a travel agency that promotes its holiday packages. The key is to book online your accommodation as well as your air- and ferry tickets.

Travel middle season

If you travel in the Cycladic islands in May, June or September, you will be away from the crowds of tourists and find better prices everywhere you go. If you are the type of traveller, who wants to find peace and privacy in his/her vacation, speak to the local people and take as much as he/she can from the new destination, then these months are ideal. The weather is good, you can meet new people, but you don't have to wait for ever in order to find a sunbed or a place to sit in the restaurant.

Undiscovered islands

The biggest advantage of travelling on your own is that you can visit off-the-beaten-track islands that are not included in holiday packages. Cyclades are full of beautiful and wild untouched islands that will steal your heart with their gorgeous beaches and well-kept Choras, such as Kythnos, Anafi and Sikinos. Don't miss them!

Rent a car

For large islands with many worthwhile beaches, sites and villages, such as Paros, Naxos, Tinos and Mykonos, we suggest that you rent a car in order to discover conveniently all the beaches and make your own schedule. Otherwise, you have to take the public transport, whose itinerary is rare and which doesn't reach all the points of interest. During the high season, it is also very difficult to find a taxi.

Where to Stay

Studio & Appartment in Andros, Greece St George Studios & Apartments
8.1 10
St George Studios & Apartments
Batsi, 84500 Andros, Greece

St. George Studios & Apartments are located in a popular resort of Andros, Batsi. The property is within a 10-minute walk from the beach and it offers budget accommodation in a traditional Cycladic building. The distance from the port in Gavrio is 8 km, while Andros town is at 24 km.

Hotel in Naxos, Greece Annita's Village Hotel
9.1 10
Annita's Village Hotel
Main Street, Agia Anna, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Annita's Village Hotel is located in Agia Anna, a 10-minute walk from Agia Anna Beach and Plaka Beach. Naxos town, the capital of the island, and the main port are at 7 km. Naxos Airport is a 10-minute drive from the property.

Studio in Naxos, Greece Depis Place Economy
Depis Place Economy
Chora, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Depis Place Economy is located in Naxos Chora, just a 5-minute walk from Agios Georgios beach. Port of Naxos is 1.2 km away and Naxos National airport is 2.5 km away.