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Island Hopping from Mykonos to the Rest of the Cyclades

Amorgos ● Kythnos ● Milos ● Mykonos ● Santorini ● Sifnos ● 18 December 2017

Mykonos has garnered a reputation amongst the Cyclades Islands - and all of the Greek islands, to be fair - of being something of a wild, heavy partying island. The beaches are lined with dance clubs and bars, with the museums and shops that occupy visitors during the day serving mainly as a way to pass time until the night falls again. Since Mykonos is a fairly popular island and located right in the middle of the Cyclades group, it serves as a great foundation or starting base for your unique island-jumping adventure! If you’re not sure what other islands that surround Mykonos but you’re ready to branch out and want to jam-pack your trip with as much different scenery as possible, keep reading to learn about some of the other islands from the Cyclades. In no particular order, here are 5 islands that might be able to help you decide where to go next.

1. Milos. This beautiful island is made almost in its entirety by a collapsed volcanic landscape, resulting in unique white-sand beaches that contrast sharply against the aqua blue waters. The volcanic activity from centuries past have resulted in a unique pattern of rock formations. This smaller, quieter island will offer you a welcome change from the heavily cosmopolitan atmosphere of Mykonos. Soak in natural hot springs, visit coastal coves, and take a boat to the sub-island Kimilos. The main village on Milos, called Plaka, is made up of classic whitewashed, cube-shaped houses and buildings. As if the landscape isn’t enough, the island features many historical and archeological sites, including but certainly not limited to a Roman amphitheatre, Venetian castles, Christian catacombs, and a number of different museums.


2. Sifnos. This traditional island has a laid-back, unhurried lifestyle to match that of Milos. The narrow stone streets, seaside villages, and gorgeous sunsets will help you relax from your busy adventure around all the different Cycladic islands. Kastro, the main village of Sifnos, contains all the basic ingredients you’d look for in a Greek island: locally-owned tavernas, some bed-and-breakfast establishments, shops, and more. The Monastery of Chrissopighi is one of the main attractions of Sifnos aside from its cliffside beaches. Ideal for families and couples looking to spend quiet time together, Sifnos gives you a glimpse into traditional Cycladic life.


3. Santorini. Arguably one of the most romantic destinations in Greece, Santorini is one of the most popular islands of all the Greek island groups. If you’ve found yourself missing the hustle and bustle of Mykonos, you’ll find it and then some in Santorini. With villages lining the edge of the famous caldera, there will be no shortage of photo opportunities here. A central hub of transportation, Santorini will allow you to collect yourself before rallying to finish up your island-hopping adventure. With plenty of villages, beaches, and sunset views, Santorini will be able to keep you busy while allowing you a slight change of pace. Not so much a party island as a tourism one, you’re likely to find travellers of all ages and all experiences finding something of a home on Santorini.


4. Amorgos. One of the more secluded islands in the south of the Cyclades, this natural beauty is largely untouched by the tourism industry, giving you a more authentic feel than some of the islands would be able to. Remote beaches are not lined with chairs for rent or bars, which will allow you to remove yourself from the exhausting lifestyle of more commercialized travelling. Many of the beaches on Amorgos are nudist beaches, so be sure to do some research before you go visiting in case that’s not something you’re used to. Amorgos has a number of hiking trails through the high rocks, most of which culminate at a beautiful sea view. The Monastery of Hozoviotissa is a popular attraction for those who visit Amorgos, despite its location nestled in those rocky cliffs that would turn the less adventurous away. Additionally, some of the ferries and other passenger boats run at odd hours of the night, but there are some resort-style accommodations to help you adjust. You can snorkel through shallow, rocky waters off the coast of the cliff, as well as catch an easy connecting boat to some of the neighboring islands.


5. Kythnos. A bit farther from Mykonos than the other islands listed, Kythnos is another reprieve from the tourist scene. A popular port stop for yachts, sailboats, and ferries that are traveling to other areas of the Cyclades, Kythnos has some great scuba diving areas, as well hot springs that flow directly into the ocean. You can rent out a car or choose to explore on foot - either would be a valid way to explore, as long as you make a promise to get into the water at least once. The beaches on Kythnos are not crowded like other islands, so you should take advantage of the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities!


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