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Island Hopping from Mykonos: where to go next

Ios ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● Paros ● Syros ● Tinos ● 06 December 2017

If you have spent some days in Mykonos, you may want to visit other Greek islands too. Greek Island Hopping is very simple, if you buy island passes for many flexible routes at the price of only one route, such as Greek Island Pass. Plus, the distance between the Greek islands is very short, so you can easily travel from one island to another in less than one hour. These islands near Mykonos offer you the possibility to explore Cyclades and Aegean Sea in a beautiful scenery on a budget.


Paros is among the most popular Cycladic islands, attracting thousands of visitors every summer. Paros is famous for its architecture, its beaches as well as its nightlife. Naousa Paros is the most traditional village of the island, but Parikia Paros is also an excellent choice to stay and spend your nights.


Syros is not typically Cycladic, but it distinguishes for its Venetian architecture. Ermoupolis Syros, the main town and harbour of the island, reminds more of Dodecanese than Cyclades, but it is one of the most beautiful and imposing towns of Greece. In Ermoupolis Syros, you may think that everything, every house and every mansion has the purpose to make the port even more stunning. The most impressive building and at the same time the trademark of Syros is the Town hall, which was built in the 19th century by the famous neoclassical architect, Ernst Ziller.


Tinos is located in a very close distance to Mykonos. Apart from Tinos Town, the whole island of Tinos is the ultimate elegant destination. Every village is charming, with typical Cycladic white-washed houses, local shops and pebbled streets, and cafés and bars have a beautiful taste that you have never met before. Pigeon houses are everywhere, designed with the traditional architecture and made from the local marble of Tinos that is famous all over Greece.


Naxos is the largest Cycladic island and a typical family-friendly Greek island. The cuisine of Naxos will travel you in a gastronomic paradise, while the long, sandy beaches with the crystal waters will impress you. Interesting historical sites and museums can turn your vacation into a cultural trip in the history of Greece. Naxos has also wonderful mainland villages with picturesque houses, paved streets and traditional local shops.


Ios Chora is the best place for a night-out. Bars and clubs with all kinds of music, from jazz and rock to pop and Greek music, like Disco 69, Pegasus and Fusion, transform the capital of the island into a huge party scene, where people drink, dance and have fun until the dawn. The narrow, cobblestone streets of picturesque Ios Chora get crowded mostly with young people and teenagers, but the good news are that Ios is a place for all ages. If you want to relax, you visit the beaches Manganari and Kalamos, which are stunning and secluded.