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Island Hopping from Rhodes: where to go next?

Chalki ● Kastelorizo ● Kos ● Nisyros ● Rhodes ● Symi ● Tilos ● 22 November 2017

If your next summer Greek vacation is in Rhodes, you may consider if you can visit more Greek islands. Greek Island Hopping is an excellent option for your vacation in Greece since the Greek islands are located in a very close distance to each other. Moreover, it is really a pity to see only one island when you can simply, affordably and easily visit more Greek islands, which are numerous and amazingly beautiful. With our Rhodes ferry deals, you can go on a budget from Rhodes to the nearby beautiful and picturesque islands in less than one hour. A day trip or a couple of days are enough to explore the islands around Rhodes and understand why Island Hopping in Greece is so popular.


Kastellorizo is a tiny island with only one village and without beaches, but this fact should not discourage you because Kastellorizo is a legendary place. It is the easternmost Greek island, literally closer to Turkey than to Greece. The architecture of the port has Italian and Ottoman influences, offering its visitors a surprising mixture of these civilisations. On this island, it was filmed in 1991 the Oscar-winning movie Mediterraneo.


Symi has one of the most impressive coastal towns in Greece thanks to its neoclassical, colourful buildings that make it look like a painting. It is located north of Rhodes, and it belongs to the island complex of the Dodecanese, like all the islands, which are mentioned here. Apart from the scenic traditional village of the port, Symi has also amazing beaches with crystal and deep blue waters.


Chalki is the smallest inhabited island of the Dodecanese with a permanent population of 330 residents, which is increased during the summer months. Because its tourism is not as developed as on the other islands, Chalki is ideal for peace and privacy. The island is characterised by its impeccable architecture and the relaxing beaches, which are accessible by bus or on foot.


Tilos is located between Kos and Rhodes. It is an alternative destination with secluded beaches and small villages. The most touristic place is the port of the island, but you will be impressed by the village Mikro Chorio, a ghost village with abandoned buildings. If you want total privacy, Tilosis the place to be.


Nisyros is a volcanic island with wide caldera. Its volcano, the youngest volcano in Greece, is currently active but not erupting, so you don't have to worry about that. Nisyros is an exquisite Greek island near Rhodes. You can stay in Mandraki or Nikia, which are picturesque villages that can offer you the calmness you are looking for.


Kos has many top things to do and see, like ancient monuments and vivid nightlife, while all beaches of Kos are sandy and organised, so you can relax without having to worry about anything. Plus, Kos offers a traditional harbour with various Ottoman influences, which makes it an exotic place to spend some days during your Greek Island Hopping.