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Island Hopping from Santorini: where to go next?

Anafi ● Crete ● Folegandros ● Ios ● Sikinos ● 11 December 2017

Greek Island Hopping  is the next best thing in Greece and especially in Cyclades, where the distance between the islands is very short and you can go from one island to another easily and quickly. If you have visited for some days Santorini, you may have heard about the Island Hopping in Greece and you may want to explore more islands. With the Greek Island Pass, you can travel from Santorini to other Greek islands, such as Mykonos, Paros, Ios, Naxos, Amorgos and Crete paying only for one route and one island but travelling to all of these islands anytime you want with great flexibility. In this article, you will read about the islands that are located around Santorini, and thus you can visit them in less than 2 hours. Some of these islands are included in the Greek Island Pass and some of them are accessible with ferry tickets from all companies that are cheap due to the short distance between the islands.


Folegandros is an unexplored paradise that can give to its visitor a different, alternative and unique aura that is unforgettable for everyone. This small, rocky and mountainous island of Cyclades with only 650 inhabitants is located in a close distance to Milos and Santorini. The last years it has become fashionable for the Athenians that look for something different, but Folegandros remains an authentic Greek island, ideal for peaceful and romantic vacations.


Sikinos is a small, rocky Cycladic island, in a close distance to Folegandros. It is the perfect destination for hiking thanks to its cliffs and mountains that will offer you a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the complex of Cyclades. The Chora is typically Cycladic, with small white houses, and the turquoise waters of the sea are calling you to swim in an experience of true calmness.


Ios is one of the best Greek islands with vivid nightlife. Bars and clubs with all kinds of music, from jazz and rock to pop and Greek music, transform the capital of the island into a huge party scene, where people drink, dance and have fun until the dawn. The narrow, cobblestone streets of picturesque Ios Chora get crowded mostly with young people and teenagers, but the good news are that Ios is a place for all ages. If you want to relax, you can visit the beaches Manganari and Kalamos, which are stunning and secluded.


In a close distance to Santorini, you can find Anafi, a small rocky island that belongs to the complex of Cyclades. With a typical Cycladic Chora and crystal waters, Anafi is also an ideal destination for romantics that want to enjoy secluded beaches, cheap fresh fish and experiences away from mass tourism.


From Santorini, you can travel to Crete and particularly to Heraklion with Greek Island Pass. Heraklion is a very interesting town, and from there you can explore whole Crete. However, remember that Crete is a huge island, and thus it is not the prefect destination if you prefer Greek Island Hopping because you need many days to discover all its top spots.