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Island Hopping from Thessaloniki: where to go

Alonissos ● Chios ● Ikaria ● Lesvos ● Limnos ● Samos ● Skiathos ● skopelos ● Skyros ● Sporades ● Thasos ● 01 February 2018

Have you booked your vacation in the co-capital of Greece, Thessaloniki? Well done! Thessaloniki is a beautiful town, full of traditional small taverns to taste its cuisine, a unique combination of Greek and oriental elements, as well as a romantic promenade by the sea, where you will understand how relaxing this city is and why everybody chills in the cafés with the stunning view of the Thermaic Gulf. In a close distance to Thessaloniki, is located Chalkidiki, an exotic peninsula with sandy beaches, emerald waters and picturesque villages.

However, you may want to explore not only Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki. Have you heard about the uniqueness of Greek Island Hopping and you have set as a goal to discover also some Greek islands? If so, you may wonder about the islands near Thessaloniki and how you can visit them.

Thessaloniki has not many islands in a short distance. In fact, the only island nearby is Thasos. But don't get disappointed! You can take the ferry and get to some wonderful Greek islands that are situated in an island complex, so that you can live the experience of Greek island hopping. Enjoy!


Sporades, the island complex with the four islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros), are in the middle of the Aegean Sea and attract the residents of Thessaloniki because this is the closest island cluster. You can take the ferry (3 hours) or the boat (6 hours) from Thessaloniki to all islands, but you have also the option to get to Volos, from where the islands, and especially Skiathos and Skopelos, are very close.

Sporades are characterised by verdant nature and pine trees until the coastline. Sandy beaches with turquoise waters and well-preserved harbours are their main characteristics. Skiathos is the queen of the Sporades with many touristic facilities, wild nightlife and two impressive beaches (Koukounaries and Lalaria), while Skopelos is calmer and has numerous small coves with lush greenery to swim in your own privacy. Alonissos attracts many visitors thanks to its marine park with the protected seal-species Monachus Monachus, while Skyros has a wild landscape and a Cycladic-like Chora.


Northern Aegean Islands

If you spend your vacation in Thessaloniki, you can go to the neighbouring Kavala (1 hour by car or public transport) and take the boat to the islands of Northern Aegean (Ikaria, Lesvos, Limnos, Chios and Samos). Because the distance is not very short, you have to take into account that you need more than 8 hours by boat to get there.

However, these islands are definitely worth visiting. Virgin but at the same time with all facilities you need, with hospitable people and beaches with deep blue water, they give you the ultimate feeling of the Aegean Sea. Samos impresses with its beaches and its traditional towns (Vathy, Kokari and Pythagoreion), Chios distinguishes for its medieval villages, where mastic-trees are cultivated, while Ikaria is the epitome of easy-going life and relaxing atmosphere with some beaches, like Seychelles, where the only thing you want to do is to sunbathe and swim the whole day. Lesvos has beautiful towns and is an island ideal for road-trip to explore its authentic villages, while Limnos has delicious cuisine to taste sitting on the beachfront and leaving everything behind.



Thasos is situated in a very short distance to Kavala and it can also be a stop during your island hopping around Thessaloniki. Fully organised and with great touristic facilities, such as all-inclusive and luxury hotels, elegant restaurants and many shops, Thasos is perfect to chill out on one of its stunning beaches, eat fresh fish and discover its coastline with a day trip by boat!


Where to Stay

Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece Hotel Anessis
Hotel Anessis
20, 26th October Str., 54627 Thessaloniki, Greece

Centrally located in Thessaloniki City, Hotel Anessis is within a 10-minute walk from the historic part of the city, Ladadika and from Aristotelous Square. The train station is at 700 m and Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia is 18 km away.

Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece Perinthos Hotel
Perinthos Hotel
12Km Thessaloniki - Edessa, Anchialos, 57008 Thessaloniki, Greece

Perinthos Hotel is located 12 km from Thessaloniki and near many archaeological sites such as Vergina and Dion. Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia is at 30 km.

Hotel & Hostel in Thessaloniki, Greece Hotel Kastoria
Hotel Kastoria
17, Leontos Sofou str., 54626 Thessaloniki, Greece

Hotel Kastoria is located just a 5-minute walk from Ladadika, the historic center of Thessaloniki with many restaurants, bars and shops. Eleftherias Square can be reached in less than 10 minutes on foot, and Aristotelous Square is at 1 km. Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia is 20 km away.