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Island Hopping in Western Cyclades

Cyclades ● Kimolos ● Kythnos ● Milos ● Serifos ● Sifnos ● 10 January 2018

Are you in search of islands in Greece that have something unique to offer to you? If you have visited the most famous Greek islands, such as Mykonos and Santorini, there is a part of Cyclades that will impress you with its kindness and hidden beauty. Western Cyclades combine relaxation with cosmopolitanism, wonderful villages with stunning beaches, authenticity with elegant atmosphere and hospitality with delicious cuisine. If you are fan of Greek Island Hopping, you can visit these 5 islands of Western Cyclades and explore their special world.


Kythnos is one of the lesser known Cycladic islands in a short distance to Athens. Although it is located 2 hours from the Greek capital, Kythnos remains an untouched island. Chora is typically Cycladic, the food in the traditional taverns is delicious and cheap, the people are hospitable and ready to please you, and you can find there the astonishing beaches of the Aegean Sea. Kolona is one of the best beaches in Cyclades, an impressive natural phenomenon, which has sand and crystal blue waters on both sides.



Serifos is also very close to Athens, an island with gorgeous beaches and a typical Cycladic Chora on the top of a cliff, from where you can have a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands. The central square is the best spot of Chora, where you can relax, eat, drink and buy local products from the shop in the wonderful streets around the square.



The capital of Sifnos, Apollonia, is built amphitheatrically around three hills. The village is picturesque, consisting of narrow, pebbled streets, elegant local shops, white arches and Cycladic houses with bougainvillea hanging on their walls. Apollonia is beautiful like a carte postal, but very beautiful is also the other village of the island, Kastro, where you can find many boutique hotels and luxury places. The greatest assets of Sifnos are these two villages, but its beaches are also lovely with crystal clear waters and vivid beach bars.



Milos is the best hidden gem of the Aegean Sea, an island that looks like the painting of a famous painter, a painting where unique colours and a stunning landscape were put together to create a wonderful picture. The astonishing beaches -maybe the best beaches in Greece-, its volcanic soil, the authenticity of its people and its lovely, seaside and mountainous villages are the things that will make you adore Milos.



Kimolos was, million years ago, part of Milos, and thus, it has the same impressive landscape as well as volcanic and mineral earth, which gives the island its natural product, the chalk that is also the name of the island in Greek. Imposing rocks, emerald waters and a colourful scenery together with a whitewashed, lovely capital is what Kimolos has to offer to its visitors. An off-the-beaten-track paradise, an authentic heaven, which attracts travellers, who want to find the true beauty.

Where to Stay

Studio in Paros, Greece Mirsini Studios
9.3 10
Mirsini Studios
Koukoumavles, Parasporos, 84400 Paros, Greece

Mirsini Studios is located in Koukoumavles, near Parasporos sandy beach. Parikia Town and Port of Paros are only a 10-minute drive away. Paros National Airport is 6.4 km away.

Hotel in Naxos, Greece Adonis Hotel
Adonis Hotel
Apollon Beach, Apollon, 84301 Naxos, Greece

Adonis Hotel is located in Apollon village, Naxos, just a 2-minute walk from the beach. Naxos Port is 36 km away and Naxos National Airport is 40 km away. #

Hotel in Naxos, Greece Princess Of Naxos
8.9 10
Princess Of Naxos
Airport Road, Chora, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Princess of Naxos is located in the town of Naxos, near Agios Georgios beach. Naxos Port is 2.2 km away and Naxos National Airport is 1.4 km away.