Island hopping or one destination? How to choose
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Island hopping or one destination? How to choose

Greek islands ● 17 February 2018
Island Hopping in Greece is the new trend in Europe. Everyone speaks about it, everyone is curious to learn more. With so many Greek islands, thinking about island hopping in order to explore more is expected. However, island hopping is a unique type of vacation with advantages and disadvantages. It is super, cool and fascinating, but before deciding it, you should consider some things. Is Greek Island Hopping a suitable choice for you or maybe you should book your accommodation in only one destination? Read this article and decide what is best for you.

Island Hopping

Island Hopping is the best type of vacation if you are the traveller, who wants to explore every day something else. There is no way that you get bored. You stay 2-3 days on each island (that depends on your time span you have for your vacation), and then you go to another. Hundreds of photos for your summer album, numerous destinations, new pictures and the feeling of being an explorer. At the end of your vacation, you can be satisfied that you have visited more than just one of the renowned Greek islands. If you don't live in Greece and you don't come often here, this is your chance.

However, Greek Island Hopping can be tiring. You have to make a very good planning, organise your routes and book many hotels on the various islands. Packing and unpacking is an everyday matter, and of course you don't have time to relax on each island. If you want to explore everything the island has to offer to you, the beaches, the historical sites, the beautiful traditional villages, you have to be organised and be on the road for many hours during the day. Plus, island hopping can be expensive due to the many ferry tickets you have to buy. Of course, for this problem there is a solution: Greek Island Pass (book online). You pay the price of only one ticket, but you can do up to 9 routes to 7 islands. Thus, ferry tickets are no more expensive, and you can choose island hopping even if you want to spend vacation on a budget.

Staying at one destination

If you are really tired and you want to relax, maybe you should choose a Greek island with many touristic facilities, all-inclusive hotels and great food, such as Crete, Rhodes or Kos. You can spend your day by the pool or on your sunbed on the beach, drinking cocktails and enjoying sunbathing and swimming without having to worry about anything.

Staying at one destination is also wiser if you have only a few days. Island hopping is ideal for vacation more than 7 days in order to have the possibility to explore 2-4 islands. Especially if you want to visit an island that has many things to offer, such as historical sites, numerous beaches or traditional villages, such as Crete, Rhodes, Milos or Corfu, the best decision is to stay there and explore all the interesting things that the new destination can give to you. Besides, you can come to Greece also the next year!

Where to Stay

Appartment in Zagorochoria, Greece Elafotopos
Elafotopos, 44007 Zagorochoria, Greece

The hostel is located in Lower Mahala village, next to the church of the Assumption and the Folklore Museum, always with the same flavors and hearty welcome Mrs. Eleni who makes you feel at home.

Hotel in Olympia, Greece Hotel Kronio
Hotel Kronio
1, Tsoureka str., 27065 Olympia, Greece

The family-run Hotel Kronio is located within a 10-minute walk from the Archaeological Site and the Museum of Olympia. The main road of the picturesque village of Olympia with many shops and restaurants is at 80 m. A train station is located just across the road.

Hotel in Messinia, Greece Hotel Castello
Hotel Castello
Andrea Miaouli, Methoni, 24006 Messinia, Greece

Hotel Castello is located in the traditional town of Methoni, just a few meters from the castle and the beautiful sandy beach. The town of Pylos is a 15-minute drive away. Kalamata International Airport is 53 km away.