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Island Hopping tips for couples

Greek Islands ● 21 December 2017

Vacation for couples is the ultimate experience between two people, who are in love. They spend time together, discover new things and have the energy they want for their relationship. By discussing with your partner, exploring his/her character and understanding what he/she feels, you can build a strong relationship that will last. All over the world, romantic hotels, luxury restaurants and exotic beaches offer the opportunity to live amazing moments with your other half. Greece has all of the abovementioned to offer, but also something totally new and worthwhile: island hopping. Greek Island Hopping is a unique way to explore as many Greek islands as you can, find hidden gems of the Aegean and Ionian Sea and generally give your vacation a purpose. After Island Hopping in Greece, you will have the feeling that you have seen great things on the famous Greek islands and you have discovered not only one destination with your spouse. Is there something more creative to do with your beloved one? Take a look at these travel tips for island hopping for couples and get ready to live this extraordinary experience!

Travelling couple

1. Allow yourself and your partner time alone.

Island Hopping is a fascinating but also tiring experience. You don't have to be together 24/7. Spend some time in the store while your partner is chilling in the hotel room, or swim while your partner is sunbathing under the warm sun. Independent people can always be happy and relaxed. Give yourself and your spouse time to regain energy after the journey, and this will make you appreciate more the moments you have together.

2. Be sure you have the same style.

Greece has many groups of islands to offer, and these groups have a specific style. Ionian Islands have lush greenery and great touristic facilities, Sporades are family-friendly, Cyclades have wild, dry nature and secluded beaches, Dodecanese are untouched and offer an exotic atmosphere. During the island hopping, you will explore many islands in the same group, so it is wise that you have the same style with your partner. For example, if you want beaches with verdant nature, you will get bored exploring several islands in Cyclades. Greece has innumerable islands, and you can definitely find 3-4 islands that will fulfil the standards of you both.

3. Keep track of money.

The bills are something that can bring a lot of arguing in the couples. Especially during your Greek Island Hopping, you will have a lot of things to take into consideration. Accommodation, ferry tickets, food, sightseeing on each different island. A good solution is that someone can keep the receipts, and then find out who owes what to whom. Another solution is to have a common wallet for these days. Both of you will contribute the same amount of money at the beginning of each day, and no one will be in the difficult position to pay more.

4. Talk about the responsibilities

Greek Island Hopping needs careful planning in order to see many islands, have a good time and avoid unexpected situations. If you want to avoid arguing too, be sure you have divided the responsibilities before coming to Greece.  It will maximise your assets as a couple, if everyone makes the things he/she wants according to his/her strengths.

5. Be independent.

Don't wait of your partner to carry your luggage. Pack light in order to have the possibility to travel easily from one island to another by ferry. The key is to be independent and free to have the interesting experience of island hopping. If you depend on your man, he will soon feel tired.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Kastoria, Greece Keletron Hotel
Keletron Hotel
52, 11th November Str., 52100 Kastoria, Greece

Keletron Hotel is built in a central location in the town of Kastoria, close to many important sights. Vitsi Ski Center is 24 km away. The International Airport of Thessaloniki is 220 km away.

Hotel & Appartment in Milos, Greece Captain Zeppos
Captain Zeppos
Pollonia, 84800 Milos, Greece

Captain Zeppos is located in village of Pollonia, just 30 meters away from the beach. Milos Port is 10 km away and Milos National Airport is 12.5 km away.

Hotel in Kastoria, Greece Anastassiou Hotel
Anastassiou Hotel
1st km Nat. Road Kastoria-Athens, 52100 Kastoria, Greece

Anastassiou Hotel is built in the entrance of Kastoria town, within a short driving distance from shops, restaurants and monuments. Vitsi Ski center is a 40-minute drive away. The nearest airport is Thessaloniki International Airport which is 214 km away.