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Island Hopping with kids: how to make it simple

Greece ● 27 November 2017


Greek Island Hopping is the next best thing in Greece. Numerous Greek islands that are waiting to be explored, short distance between the islands, great ferry deals for travelling from one island to another on a budget. Well, don't feel disappointed if you read about Island Hopping in Greece and you think that you can never have this amazing experience. Island Hopping is not only for students and single people. Parents can also take their kids and enjoy family-friendly vacation in Greece. The only thing you have to do is to read these travel tips for travelling with kids in Greece and prepare yourself and your family for unforgettable summer holidays in Greece! 

Be flexible

Travelling with children may have as a result many situations you haven't imagined when you left home. If you want to plan everything till the last detail, it is sure that you soon feel tired and full of stress. The key is to be flexible as much as you can. With the Greek Island Pass, you can travel from one island to another whenever you want, so it is not necessary to follow a strict schedule. Furthermore, you can check last minute accommodation deals in Greece and feel free to go from one Greek island to another any time you want. This flexible type of travelling is useful because you won't feel anxious every time your children need extra time to explore every small detail. Kids don't care about limitations and hurry, so it is wise to buy a ferry pass that gives you the opportunity to travel with flexibility and don't feel stressed about losing the ferry.

Travelling with kids

Keep your kids busy during the journey

Island Hopping means many hours in the ferry travelling between the islands. If ferries are boring for the adults, imagine how children feel. However, with a tablet and the favourite apps of your kids, they can be busy during the journey and don't get bored.

Pack light

Island Hopping on the Greek islands means you have to pack and unpack many times. Don't be discouraged with this fact. You just need to take with you only the necessary. One suitcase for each adult and a small bag that can be carried by the child is the best option to make the journeys comfortable.

Ask the children's opinion

When you plan with your spouse the route of the Island Hopping, don't forget to ask your children which Greek island want to visit, especially if they are teenagers. Thus, they will feel that their opinion matters, and they will be cooperative during the vacation.

Give time to your family to get rest

During Greek Island Hopping, it is simple to visit every day a new island -if you want to. However, during your vacation with your children, this is not a recommended choice. It is important to give time to your kids to feel conveniently in the new place, get rest and explore the unknown world. Maybe, you can't discover as many Greek islands as if you were single or student, but it is definitely worthwhile to have this once in a lifetime experience with your beloved ones.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Chalkidiki, Greece Stratos Hotel
Stratos Hotel
Afitos, 63077 Chalkidiki, Greece

Stratos Hotel is centrally located in the lovely, traditional village of Afitos. The beach is approximately a 15-minute walk from the property. Thessaloniki International Airport is 75 km away.

Hotel in Rethymno, Greece Forest Park
Forest Park
Agiou Ioanni, 74100 Rethymno, Greece

Forest Park is located in the town of Rethymno, a 15-minute walk away from the sandy beach. Rethymno Port is a 20-minute walk away.

Hotel in Athens, Greece Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel
8.9 10
Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel
48, Syggrou Ave., 11742 Athens, Greece

Acropolis Museum Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of the historical center of Athens, just a few steps from Acropolis and Plaka, next to the new Acropolis Museum. Athens International Airport is a 40-minute drive away.