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Kasos: your one-stop guide

Dodecanese ● Kasos ● 28 November 2018
Kasos is a small island of the Dodecanese, located between Karpathos and Crete in southeastern Aegean Sea. It is a calm island, where you can meet the authentic side of Greece, enjoy peaceful moments, get in contact with nature and generally spend some unforgettable days away from the crowds. Kasos has one of the most amazing beaches in Greece, Marmara, literally a heaven on earth. Read further and learn everything you need to know about this virgin island that will touch your heart.

What to do

Fri is the main port and capital of the island. It is a small settlement with some taverns and local shops. Very beautiful is the old port of Bouka, located near the main port of Fri. This 2,000-year-old port is a lovely corner, where you can take lots of photos and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Don't miss also the Church of Agios Spyridonas, with its ornate bell tower. There, you will be impressed by the important collection of family photographs that illustrate the life on the island in the past century.

Kasos port

Other beautiful settlements on the island are Emporio and Panagia. Emporio is a very nice spot to enjoy the sunset or a swim at its beach, which is particularly pleasant when there is no northern wind. However, if you go to the open sea, the bay has huge waves and is ideal for kite- and windsurfing. 

Panagia is a pretty village with well-preserved old houses that stand out for the imposing archaic-style columns at their entrance and their carved wooden doors. This village is also home to the Church of Pera Panagia, which hosts one of the biggest festivals in the Aegean Sea on 15th August, celebrating the Dormition of Virgin Mary. The six small churches located in the village also constitute a fine example of Byzantine architecture. 

Don't miss enjoying the sea view from Agios Mammas church, which overlooks the Libyan Sea. Located in the top of the cliff, it impresses the visitor with its unique Byzantine architecture. 

Generally, the island is untouched by the mass tourism, so don't expect nightlife or top touristic facilities. Kasos is the best island for hiking, swimming, endless sunbathing under the warm sun of this south island as well as finding your inner peace and relaxation.


Although Kasos is a small island, it is blessed with stunning beaches with emerald waters and golden sand. The most famous beach is Marmara, a long sandy bay with thick sand, turquoise waters and the amazing feeling of privacy you can enjoy there, a true untouched paradise. Technically, Marmara is not located in Kasos, as it is a beach of Armathia, the tiny islet on the western side of the island. However, you can easily go there in less than 30 minutes by boat from the port that depart very often during summer.

In Kasos, very beautiful is Helatros Beach. It is located in the southwestern part of Kasos, and it is covered with pebbles and deep blue waters. This bay was built in the ancient years as a shelter for ships, and thus it is very well-protected from the northern wind. 

Emporios, an old port approximately 500 meters west from Fry, has a small sandy beach that gathers today most swimmers of the island during the summer months. It is an organized beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, two restaurants and a pastry shop, where you can easily spend your whole day by the sea. You can also take from there a boat to sail around the island or take a tour to go to the Church of Panagia, which is the largest church on the island.

Ammoua is a group of beaches that combine both touristic facilities and privacy. There is a well-organised sandy beach with umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar, but if you go a little further, you may see four other smaller beaches, totally secluded and unspoiled, where you can enjoy peaceful moments. They are also nudism-friendly beaches.

Greek cuisine in Kasos

As in all Greek islands, in Kasos you can eat fresh fish and seafood in the several traditional taverns at the beachfront. Especially in Kasos, which is an off-the-beaten-path choice, you can eat delicious dishes at very low prices.  Other dishes of the local Greek cuisine are mousaka, souvlaki, slow-cooked lamb, spinach pie, dolmadakia and Greek salad. Signature dishes in Kasos are mpoustia, which is filled offal with liver and rice, soupiopilafo (rice with ink of fresh squid) and  makarounes, fresh pasta served with roasted onion. Kasos is also well-known for its excellent cheeses and other dairy products. Vonaparti family is the largest business on the island, which produces fine local cheeses and exports its products all over Greece. 

Makarounes dish in Kasos

Events and festivals

Kasos is renowned for its numerous festivals, which take place all year round. They are considered a big event and gather all the locals of the island as well as its visitors. Local dances, tunes and songs accompanied by the sound of the traditional instruments, lyre and laouto as well as free local food, sweets and wine make the celebrations of Kasos  unique and very popular. The biggest festival is organised in Pera Panagia on the 15th August, where you can see many old customs of the island. Other main festivals are those of St. Marina on the 17th July and St. Spyridon on 12th December. The feasts of Kasos have a prominent local character as both the music and dancing are performed by local musicians and dancers.

How to get there and Greek Island Hopping

You can to Kasos by aeroplane from Karpathos or Rhodes. The airport of Kasos is one of the smallest in Greece, and the flight from Karpathos to Kasos, lasting only 20 minutes, is the shortest flight in Europe! By boat, you can go to Kasos from Karpathos, Rhodes, Chalki, Sitia Crete and Piraeus Port in Athens (but from Athens you need more than 20 hours). 

We highly recommend you to visit Kasos during your Greek Island Hopping in the Dodecanese. From Karpathos, you can make even a day tour to Kasos, as it is located very close to this island. However, it is definitely worth visiting it for more days, especially if you want to relax and get rest. If you stay in Kasos, you can go for some days to Karpathos with its fascinating hiking tours and the well-preserved village of Olympos. Rhodes is of course the queen of the Dodecanese with its great touristic facilities, the gorgeous beaches, the significant ancient sites and the Medieval Town, but very beautiful are also the small islands of Chalki and Symi, which have picturesque ports that remind of a wonderful painting!

The port of Symi