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Kastellorizo, the edge of Greece

Dodecanese ● Kastellorizo ● 07 April 2018

Kastellorizo is a tiny island with 300 hundred residents in the south-eastern Dodecanese. With only one village and without beaches, Kastellorizo is something different, a mythical place in the edge of Greece, literally closer to Turkey than to Greece. It is the easternmost Greek island, where it was filmed in 1991 the Oscar-winning movie Mediterraneo. Kastellorizo is connected with Piraeus and Rhodes by ferry, but is also has an airport and is connected with Rhodes by aeroplane.

The architecture of the port has Italian and Ottoman influences, offering its visitors a surprising mixture of these civilisations. The port is a lovely tiny village on the waterfront with colourful neoclassical houses, mosques and churches. Walking around the beach promenade, eating fresh fish in one of the traditional taverns on the beachfront or drinking your cocktail in the cozy bars of Kastellorizo are must things to do in this island with the positive vibes, from where all travellers leave smiling.


In Kastellorizo, you don't need a motorbike or car. You can go everywhere in the port on foot, and public transportation carry passengers to and from the airport. For the tours around the island and to the caves, you can rent a boat on your own or just participate in the organised tours that start every morning from the port.

In the harbour and the surrounding areas, the most significant sites to see are the Lycian tomb with the Doric facade, the Archaeological Museum with Classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine findings, the twin churches of Saints Nicolaus and Dimitrios, the Medieval Knights' Castle that was built in 1379 , a hamam (Turkish bath) and 18th century windmill.

If you love hiking, you can walk to the top of the cliff on the southern side of the port. the highest peak of Kastellorizo (270 m.) is called Mount Vigla. There, you can admire the small chapel as well as the ruins of the ancient settlement Paleokastro.

Although Kastellorizo doesn't have any sandy beaches, it has the clearest blue waters in the Aegean Sea. A top excursion is by boat to the Parastas Sea Cave (or in Italian Blue Grotto). Especially early in the morning, when the sunlight gets into the cave colouring the waters turquoise, the sight is spectacular.

Very interesting is also the tour to the nearby islet of Ro. This islet is famous for the Lady of Ro, Despoina Achladiotou. Despina and her husband farmed and kept goats on the islet, being the only residents. She refused to leave the island even after the death of her husband, and she raised the Greek flag every day. You can see there her tomb (she died in 1982) as well as a Hellenistic fortress.