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Kimolos, a small oasis near Milos

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Kimolos ● Milos ● 27 June 2017

Near wonderful Milos is located a small island of Cyclades, Kimolos. You can take the boat from Pollonia, the second harbour of Milos, and in less than 20 minutes, you will reach Kimolos, which is so close to Milos that it can offer you the ultimate island-hopping experience. The truth is that you think you can't expect anything more when you leave Milos. You think that you can't find more beautiful beaches or Cycladic villages than those you admired in Milos. But Kimolos will surprise you positively. Kimolos was basically, million years ago, part of Milos, and thus, it has the same impressive landscape as well as volcanic and mineral earth, which gives Kimolos its natural product, the chalk that is also the name of the island (Kimolos comes etymologically from the word kimolia, which means chalk). Imposing rocks, turquoise waters and a colourful scenery together with a white, lovely capital is what Kimolos has to offer to its visitors. An off-the-beaten-path paradise, an authentic oasis that is a hidden gem, predestined to attract people, who search the true beauty of a blessed place.

The capital of Kimolos is called Chorio (=village) and stands on the top of the cliff. It is typically Cycladic, a white jewel hanging on the mountain. The central pedestrian is full of taverns, cafés and local shops, where you can take a walk and meet new people in a nice atmosphere. There, you can visit the Archaeological and Folklore Museum as well as the Venetian Castle above Chorio, which was built in the 14th century.

There is nothing more summery than the whitewashed houses of a Cycladic village, the sunset, the cobblestone streets and the sea breeze on your face. Kimolos is a typical Cycladic island for one more reason: wherever you may look, you will see a small, white church, on the top of a cliff or by the sea, fully integrated in the wild, dry landscape. What more can someone expect from the summer?

In Kimolos, you will also understand the meaning of the phrase turquoise waters. The most beautiful and exotic beach, which is one of the best beaches in Cyclades, is Prasa, a beach with -literally- white sand and the clearest waters you have ever seen. Other beaches that are worth visiting are Kalamitsi, Aliki and Soufi, while the coves Rema and Karra offer you the best swimming experience and the chance to relax in a calm scenery.


Don't forget to see also the trademark of Kimolos, Skiadi, the huge mushroom, which nature has created with rocks and is considered as one of the rarest geological phenomenon in Greece.