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Koufonisi: the Caribbean of Greece

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Koufonisi ● 23 July 2017

Koufonisi is a small island of only 15 square meters in the complex of Cyclades. It is located in a close distance to Naxos, and it has become very popular the last ten years, when the lovers of Cyclades discovered this relaxing island with the amazing turquoise waters. The blue sky, which stands always unclouded, and the golden sand create a perfect combination, and the waters are literally azure, maybe the best waters you can find in Greece.

Koufonisi is a complex of two tiny islands. Ano (=upper) Koufonisi has a small village (Chora) and astonishing beaches, while Kato (=under) Koufonisi is uninhabited, and has one exotic beach and a tavern. You can stay in Ano Koufonisi and visit Kato Koufonisi in a day trip by boat; it is less than half an hour. In this excursion, you can admire the coastline of Koufonisi, which is impressive, with emerald waters and caves standing imposing in the sea. The beach in Kato Koufonisi is a wild beach with big waves surrounded by impressive cliffs. It is called Nero (=water), is unorganised and one of the best spots in Greece for free camping.

Kato Koufonisi

In Ano Koufonisi, Chora is a typically Cycladic village, with narrow pebbled streets, shops with local products and jewels, bars, windmills and traditional taverns by the sea or inside the labyrinth of the Chora. Near the main port, you will find a cozy small port with a tavern by the sea and a windmill, while in Chora, you can drink rakomelo (warmed raki with honey) in the alternative bars. People are very relaxed, the village small, and you can meet new people, know them better and have fun as if they were your friends. The best bars in Chora are Scholeio (=school), Koufohorio (=the village of Koufonisi) and the bar in the windmill at the top of the cliff. Soroko is also a popular bar by the sea on the other side of the port.

What will amaze you in Ano Koufonisi are its beaches, which are located within walking distance from the port and Chora because Koufonisi is a very small island, so you don't need a car. If you don't want to walk, you can rent a bike, take the bus (only 5 minutes to Pori, the remotest beach) or the boat. Starting from Chora, you will first meet Foinikas, then Fanos and Italida. They are small sandy coves, the one next to each other, with amazing turquoise waters, golden sand and beautiful caves around them. They are not organised, but Foinikas and Fanos have a tavern, where you can eat breakfast and lunch.

Pori Beach

Pori is on the north side of the island, a calm bay with two taverns and a wonderful landscape, which is among the best in Cyclades. When you swim in Pori, but also in the other exotic beaches of Koufonisi, you feel that you are in an exotic place, in the Caribbean of Greece. Calm waters, soft sand and a stunning scenery are the ingredients of the perfect recipe to spend unforgettable vacations. From Pori, walk 5 minutes to Gala (=milk), a small beach inside a cave, which looks like a pool and offers the ultimate privacy and peace you can imagine.