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Koufonisi: total relaxation in cosmopolitan scenery

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Koufonisi ● 25 July 2017

A few years ago, Koufonisi was a totally off-the-beaten-path choice for those, who were seeking privacy and calmness. Today, Koufonisi is considered to be the Mykonos of Small Cyclades. At least, these two things I have heard about Koufonisi, and I didn't know, which side of the island was the most significant. Was Koufonisi a place to relax away from mass tourism or a developed island to have fun? In my mind, Koufonisi had both sides, and so I have decided to visit it. I wanted a place to relax and forget everything, but at the same time, I didn't want a totally secluded island with only a few taverns and unorganised beaches. I intended to combine both and I wasn't wrong when I chose Koufonisi. Because Koufonisi literally combines both.

The first thing I noticed when the boat reached the port of the island was the amazingly turquoise waters of the sea. In addition to that, a small settlement with typically Cycladic, white-washed houses, fishing and sailing boats gave me instantly the feeling of being in a heaven on earth, where I could truly relax and forget the tiring winter.

The beaches of Koufonisi were exactly what I was looking for. Cozy bays with golden sand and the same azure waters I have noticed in the port. On the island, there were no taxis and car rentals, so I had to walk to the beaches or to take the lovely caique, which every hour went to the beaches playing loud music in a funny atmosphere. The first day, I decided to walk, and within only 15 minutes from the port, I reached the first beach, Foinikas. Before that, I have admired a wonderful coastline with caves, imposing rocks and crystal waters creating a landscape like being in a pool.


Foinikas is the first beach of a complex of beaches (the other two are Fanos and Italida), which are located the one next to the other and look like each other. Sandy coves with golden sand, turquoise waters and the ultimate feeling of relaxation, only a few meters from the port. Fanos has a lovely beach bar, where you can drink, eat and listen to the lounge music, which makes you really enjoy your holidays.

The remotest beach of Koufonisi, Pori, is also the most beautiful beach on the island. I took the boat to go there, and I really enjoyed the route that lasts 15 minutes. Pori is a long sandy beach with stunning waters, surrounded by a wild landscape that reminded me of a desert. On the one side, the beach is calm, ideal for swimming and sunbathing, and on the other side, the strong wind and the waves have created an imposing landscape. Near Pori, I have discovered an astonishing small beach inside a cave, whose white waters thanks to the foams of the waves gave it the name Gala, which means milk. It is located only 5 minutes on foot from Pori, and you have to climb on the top of a hill to find it. From the top of the hill, the view of the Aegean Sea is just breathtaking.

In Pori, the best asset is the beach restaurant Kalofeggo, a small, modern restaurant in Mexican style with delicious creative Greek cuisine in an elegant atmosphere that left me speechless.


A wonderful day trip from Koufonisi is to Kato Koufonisi, to a tiny, uninhabited island near Ano Koufonisi. You can go there by boat in 30 minutes. The island has a tavern and on the other side a secluded beach, which is a popular spot for free camping. If you go there, remember to take with you water and an umbrella because the beach is totally secluded.

The Chora of Koufonisi is a lovely Cycladic village with some restaurants, elegant shops and galleries as well as a few bars. The best bar with music from the 80's is Scholeio (=school), while in the middle of the main street, Koufohorio is a charming café-bar with cocktails and rakomelo (warmed raki with honey), where you can meet new people and become with them a company. On the other side of the port, Sorokos bar is a very romantic bar by the sea with modern cocktails, while at the top of the hill, the bar in the windmill is the ultimate spot to spend unique moments with your other half. If you want to have fun, these bars play loud music after midnight, so after relaxation, there is always the possibility to drink and dance.