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Limnos: the authentic beauty of north Aegean

Aegean islands ● Limnos ● 07 August 2017

Limnos is an authentic, wonderful island of north Aegean that will impress you with its numerous beaches, the hospitality of the local people and its traditional villages with its treasures. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path choice, where you can spend relaxing vacations and find affordable hotels and accommodation in Limnos, eat delicious local products and swim in the refreshing waters of the northern Aegean, then Limnos is your ultimate place!

In regard to the history of Limnos, visit the archaeological site of Poliochni, which is among the oldest excavated settlements in Europe, while the ancient theatre in Hephaestia is also very significant. In the island's capital, Myrina Limnos, worth visiting is the Archaeological Museum, which hosts finds from all the ancient sites of Limnos. Two other interesting museums are the Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge-Fishing in Nea Koutali and the Museum of Folk Art and History in Portianou.

Myrina Limnos is a beautiful town with neoclassical buildings and a castle, which is one of the biggest and best preserved in Greece, home to around 70 deer. The town remains untouched by the passage of time, and it is separated into two neighbourhoods: Romeikos Gialos (=Greek coast) and Tourkikos Gialos (=Turkish coast). In the former, you will find the stately homes built by wealthy Lemniots, who made their fortunes in Egypt, while the second is the main port of the island.


Other beautiful villages are Kontias, Portianou, Palaio Pedino and Kontopouli. Kontias is one of the biggest villages of Limnos with beautiful stone mansions built by ship owners in the 19th and 20th century as well as pretty cobblestone streets. Portianou has also impressive mansions, such as the one, in which Winston Churchill stayed in 1915. Palaio Pedino is a lovely little village, while Kontopouli is a pretty village with stone fountain and an imposing church. In Kontopouli, the great Greek poet Giannis Ritsos spent part of his exile during the Second World War.

The natural beauty of Limnos is one of a kind. Near the village of Katalakko, the area of Ammothines comprises 7 hectares of undulating dunes, while the volcanic formations at Faraklo Gelogical Park are fascinating.

Limnos has also numerous wonderful beaches, which are popular for their water sports facilities, such as wind surf and kite surf. The best beaches in Limnos are Kotsinas, Agia Triada, Keros, Platy, Gomati and Megalo Fanaraki. 

Agia Triada Beach