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Mount Olympus: an abundant culinary adventure of wine, food and culture

Litochoro ● Macedonia ● Olympus ● Thessaly ● 22 March 2017

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. It is located on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia (Greece). The landscape and the natural beauty of Mount Olympus is unique in Europe, and every year as well in the winter as in the summer, thousands of people visit it to admire its rich fauna and flora with their several species, to hike on its slopes and reach its peaks. The starting point of these excursions is usually the village of Litochoro, a beautiful mountainous village, where the travellers after the tour on Mount Olympus can relax, enjoy the breathtaking view and eat in one of the traditional taverns.

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Mt. Olympos

But the most impressive thing about Mount Olympus is that, according to the Greek religion and mythology, it was the home of the Twelve Olympian Gods, who settled on its highest peak after Titanomachy. The name of this peak was Pantheon, and it was the meeting place of the Gods and the throne of Zeus. 

Ancient Greeks never tried to reach this peak because they considered it as sacred place, but they certainly reached the nearest peaks, where they left offerings, as recent archaeological findings indicate. The magnificence of Mount Olympus as well as its highest peak, which is often hidden under the clouds, created many myths about the place, and the ancient Greeks imagined it as an inaccessible residence, where Gods discussed, fought and loved each other. It was also the place, where the Olympian Gods ate and drank the mythical nectar and ambrosia.

The culinary culture of Mount Olympus, which has its roots on this era, attracts many tourists also today. The local cuisine offers many traditional foods, sweets and drinks, which are a perfect choice for a healthy and nutritious dinner. They will make you feel that you are dining with the Gods on the slopes of this amazing mountain. Meat, cheese and fish dishes combined with olive oil and vegetables are the best samples of the famous Mediterranean cuisine, and after the food, you can enjoy the local delicacies, such as jams, syrups, compotes and honey products together with a glass of tsipouro and liqueurs from mandarins, blackberries, cranberries and bitter almonds.

 In 1938, Mount Olympus was declared as National Park, in order to be preserved the natural and cultural environment, the fauna and flora as well as the villages of the area. Therefore, the whole region has remained untouched and is an ideal destination for those, who want to explore traditional villages, like Litochoro, Palaios Panteleimon, Karya, Dion, Petra and Palaia Skotina, away from mass tourism. Mount Olympus offers a perfect opportunity for alternative tourism off the beaten path, with many sports activities and cultural events.

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Hotel Rex
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