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Mountaineer Greece

Arachova ● Kaimaktsalan ● Karpenisi ● Mountaineer nafpaktus ● Pelion ● 13 July 2016

Mountaineer Greece

Greece has not only beautiful coasts and islands. In its diverse landscape, someone can discover many picturesque mountaineer destinations. Ideal places to visit all around year. During winter for Christmas holidays and winter sports in the snow, in autumn to relax in peaceful nature, in spring to enjoy the colors of the blooms and at summer to cool under the shadows of the pine trees, besides the crystal waters of rivers and lakes.


Mountaineer Nafpaktia

Mountaineer Nafpaktia is located in western Greece, in the regional union of Aetolia-Acarnania. It is known for its wild canyons, high and proud mountains, rivers and stony, infertile soil. All the area is connected with natural paths, ideal for hiking and exploring the area. River Evinos is exquisitely beautiful, ideal for rafting and kayak. People who are not fond of crowded, touristy places will adore it, since mountaineer Nafpaktia is one of the less known destinations yet a place for nature lovers.


Karpenisi the capital of the regional union of Evrytania in central Greece. It is one of the most famous winter destinations, since it can meet the standards even of the most demanding visitors. Here you can relax and rest but the same time be in action and adventurous. The picturesque villages, the impressive nature, the ski resort, the high quality residencies, the amazing food and the night life make this destination one of the top in Greece.



Pilion is located at the southeastern part of Thessaly in central Greece. It is a complex of 24 picturesque villages, with mansions of stunning beauty and rich natural environment. It is a unique destination since it combines sea and mountain with ski resort. It is also famous for its traditional taverns which serve tsipouro (a traditional Greek spirit) and mezedes.

Ski centre


The "Mountaineer Mykonos". Only 160 klm far from Athens, it is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan mountaineer destination in Greece. It has a ski resort, lots of cafes, bars, restaurants which serve local delicacies. We have to worn you though that since it is a very popular destination, it can get really crowded.


Kaimaktsalan is a mountain in northern Greece, on the border with the Republic of Macedonia. It is the southernmost and highest peak of a range known as the Voras Mountains. Along with Agios Athanasios it has touristically flourished due to the ski resort and the luxurious chalet. Here someone can enjoy many activities such as trekking, horse riding and archery.

Where to Stay

Pansion in Arachova, Greece Celena Maisonettes
Celena Maisonettes
Lakka Square, 32004 Arachova, Greece

Celena Maisonettes is located in Arachova, just a 10-minute drive from the archaeological site of Delphi. Amfissa is 31 km away while Athens is 172 km away.

Pansion in Arachova, Greece Arahova Pansion
Arahova Pansion
Agiou Georgiou, 32004 Arachova, Greece

Arahova Pansion is located in the village of Arachova. It is 7 km away from Parnassus.

Studio & Appartment in Arachova, Greece Ampolis
Arachova, 32004 Arachova, Greece

In the heart of Arachova , close to Folklore Museum and only 30 meters from the main road and the historical clock now is our hostel Ampolis . Just 15 km from Parnassos Ski Centre ( Cellars , Fterolaka , Gerontovrachos ) waiting for Ski and Snowboard.