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Mykonos off the beaten path: is it possible?

Cyclades ● Mykonos ● 15 May 2017

Mykonos is maybe the most popular island in Greece. It is fabulous, it has wild nightlife and amazing beaches. People from all over the world visit it to spend some days of endless fun and luxury vacations. However, Mykonos is said to be the island, where you can do anything you want. Partying or relaxing, eating in a luxury Asian restaurant or in a traditional tavern, enjoying romantic moments with your other half or meeting new people. What is the truth? Can you go in Mykonos off the beaten path?

The truth is that during the high season, is difficult to explore the quiet part of the island. It is always better to visit not only Mykonos but every place in Greece in the off-season, when everything is calmer, the prices lower and people more willing to help you and show you their hospitality. However, if you want to visit Mykonos in July or August, prefer weekdays and not weekends. At weekends, Mykonos Town is so crowded that there is literally the possibility of traffic jam in the famous narrow streets of Matoyiannia. Furthermore, the prices are very high in the hotels as well as in the restaurants and the organised beaches.

Mykonos Port

If you want to avoid the crowds, the best advice is to visit the must-see places in unusual times. Mykonos Town is quiet in the morning, when everyone sleeps after a night full of drinks and dance, and you can make a stroll exploring the local shops or eating breakfast in a cute café. If you want to spend romantic moments, the best place to do that is Little Venice (Mykonos), but again not during the rush hours. On the afternoon or early on evening, you can relax with your other half, drinking a cocktail and enjoying the amazing view.

The good news are that you can definitely go off-the beaten-path regarding to the beaches of Mykonos. There are many unorganised and unspoiled beaches, where you can explore the secret, quiet part of Mykonos. Some of them are Ftelia, Agios Sostis near the crowded Panormos Beach (Mykonos), Kapari for peaceful swim, Houlakia, the only pebbled beach on the island, Fokos and the nearby Mersini. All these beaches are undeveloped, secluded and untouched, giving you the privacy you want. However, the road to them is difficult, so it is better to reach them by boat.

Ftelia Beach

Where to Stay

Hotel in Mykonos, Greece Thomas Hotel
Thomas Hotel
Drakouri Area, 84600 Mykonos, Greece

Thomas Hotel is situated 2.5 km away from Mykonos town in Drakouri area. The main port of Mykonos is 3 km away while the airport is at 3.5 km.#