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Naxos gastronomic destination

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Greece ● Naxos ● 13 July 2016

Naxos, a gastronomic destination

Portara in Naxos

The meadow with citrus and veggies in Potamia, the olive trees in Tragea, the vineyards in the northern part of the island and the stockbreeders in Philoti and Apiranthos supply the super markets, the traditional groceries and the good taverns of the island with a fine variety of products.

The most famous Naxian dishes are: rosto (casserole with pork, wine and garlic ), rustic rooster, fricase (casserole with pork and greens (provatses)), goat cooked in many different ways and of course a big variety of seafood. The most famous products of this island are: potatoes, milk and cheese (graviera, arseniko, xinotiro, touloumotiri, kefalotiri), liqueur and dessert produced from citrus fruit (kitro).

Naxian cuisine is based mostly in the exploitation of the local, indigenous ingredients rather than in cooking techniques.

These ingredients are humble and scant, but when cooked and tasted they can easily prove their unique origin. This cuisine is simple, strictly depending on geography, seasonality and weather conditions, and this is what makes it so special.

Naxian cheese

A characteristic example is "arseniko" cheese, which has all the distinctiveness and the characteristics of the naxian sea breeze. Also geographical production and stock-breeding are a great part of the naxian gastronomy.

Another local product of Naxos , is a liqueur produced by citrus fruits. It is an exotic citrus, with a unique shower flavor. It used to be the symbol of fertility and abudance, in ancient Greece. Until 1960 it was systematically cultivated on the Cycladic island, the citrus trees were more than 10.000 and the fruit was exported. We have written references, since the 19th C. ,about the "Citrus raki". This is because the locals used the citrus leafs to scent their raki (traditional spirit).

Naxos compared to the rest of Greece, is more privileged when it comes to the quality of the produced ingredients, since it is a mini model of a complete agricultural production. You will find anything you need, as long as your request is interwoven with seasonality and sensibility.

Where to Stay

Villa in Naxos, Greece Depis Bay Villas
Depis Bay Villas
Plaka, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Surrounded by a garden, Depis Bay Villas are located within a 5-minute walk from the beach and within a 15-minute walk from Plaka village. Orkos beach is 2 km away. Naxos Airport is 6 km away, while Naxos Town can be reached within a 20-minute drive.

Villa in Naxos, Greece Naxian Utopia | Luxury Villas & Suites
9.9 10
Naxian Utopia | Luxury Villas & Suites
Stelida, Agios Prokopios, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Luxury villas located on a rocky hill 2 km from the popular beach of Agios Prokopios, 5 km from the capital, Naxos Chora, and 2,5 km from the Naxos airport.

Villa in Naxos, Greece Depis Edem Luxury Villas
Depis Edem Luxury Villas
Plaka, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Depis Edem Luxury Villas are located in Plaka, a few-minute walk from Plaka beach. Naxos Town and Port of Naxos are approximately a 15-minute drive away. Naxos National Airport is 4.6 km away.