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Nightlife in Mykonos: an experience every visitor of Greece should have

Cyclades ● Mykonos ● 02 May 2017

Mykonos is the most famous island in Greece thanks to the amazing things that offers to its visitor and its astonishing beaches. The best asset of Mykonos is its nightlife, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for young people in Europe. The program in Mykonos is a little bit different than on the other islands due to its crazy and vivid nightlife that lasts literally until the dawn or even later.

People in Mykonos wake up after 11 a.m. because last night, everyone was having fun in a club until late. The beaches in Mykonos are the place, where you can continue partying by the sea. Super Paradise Beach (Mykonos), Kalo Livadi Beach (Mykonos), Paraga Beach (Mykonos),  Psarrou Beach (Mykonos) and Paradise Beach (Mykonos) are the best beaches to dance, drink and meet new people that want to party all the time. The beach bars on these beaches are famous all over Greece and Europe thanks to the wild beach parties and events they organise. Super Paradise Beach (Mykonos) is also a gay-friendly place, where the members of the homosexual community can have the time of their life.

On evening or early at night, you can drink a cocktail in Little Venice (Mykonos), a romantic spot in Mykonos Town, where fishing houses line the waterfront with their balconies hanging over the sea. Little Venice (Mykonos) is the perfect place to relax and warm up for the rest of the night. The bars here are usually calm on evening, but often, the amazing atmosphere creates parties out of nowhere. Scarpa and Caprise are the most famous bars in Little Venice (Mykonos), and remember that you can visit these places also late at night, when they are no more calm, but they offer unforgettable moments of endless fun.

Little Venice

In Mykonos Town, the bars and clubs are literally numerous. Small bars and clubs with famous DJ's in the pebbled streets of Chora, where you can drink and dance in one bar and hear the music of another, make the main town of Mykonos the ultimate destination for bar-hopping until late in the following morning. Worldwide famous clubs in Mykonos Town are Rock'n'Roll, Skandinavian Disco and Remezzo, but by walking around, you will find many music bars, where you can spend unique moments with your friends and make new ones.


The best out-of-town clubs are located in Paradise Beach (Mykonos). The clubs there are different than the elegant beach bars you can find in almost every beach of Mykonos. Cavo Paradiso and Paradise organise some of the wildest rave parties with world-class DJ's that are famous all over Europe. If you have been or want to visit Ibiza, it's time to rethink it. Mykonos is the new ultimate destination for young people that are willing to live extraordinary experiences.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Mykonos, Greece Thomas Hotel
Thomas Hotel
Drakouri Area, 84600 Mykonos, Greece

Thomas Hotel is situated 2.5 km away from Mykonos town in Drakouri area. The main port of Mykonos is 3 km away while the airport is at 3.5 km.#