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Northern Greece: where to go

Alexandroupoli ● Kavala ● Macedonia ● northern Greece ● Samothrace ● Thasos ● Thessaloniki ● Thrace ● Xanthi ● 09 April 2018

Northern Greece, basically the regions of Macedonia (Greece) and Thrace, are very interesting districts with urban and natural beauty. Discover them!



Beautiful, easy-going, friendly, multicultural and full of unique attractions, Greece's second city is a paradise for people, who want something different. The imposing White Tower, the European Aristotle's square, the beach promenade, the delicious cuisine and the old town are only some of the things that will captivate you in Thessaloniki.



Kavala is one of the best-preserved and prettiest old towns of Greece. Built amphitheatrically on a hill by the sea, it impresses the visitors not only with its multicultural aura between East and West but also with its beauty and variety of things to do. The old town of Kavala is a charming neighbourhood built in a horseshoe pattern on a peninsula. There, you will find elegant mansions, mosques, churches, paved streets and an impressive castle overlooking the city and the sea.



Xanthi Thrace has one of the most renowned old towns in Greece. The most remarkable thing in this town is that it has kept its multicultural character being the crossroads between East and West, between Europe and Turkey. Churches and mosques, neoclassical houses and the famous carnival make Xanthi a popular destination for all seasons.


Thasos, the island with lush greenery, is situated in a short distance to Kavala. Fully organised and with great touristic facilities, elegant restaurants and many shops, Thasos is perfect to chill out on one of its stunning beaches, eat fresh fish and discover its coastline with a day trip by boat!



Samothrace is located in northern Aegean, in a close distance to Alexandroupolis. It is a wild island with mysterious energy that captivates the visitor. An alternative trip for those wanting something different on an island that was a hidden gem since antiquity. It offers a network of various types of tourism as the visitor can enjoy hot springs, waterfalls, crystal waters, rare ecosystems and sacred ancient monuments.


Evros Delta - Dadia Forest

Top wildlife destinations in a close distance to Alexandroupoli are Dadia Forest and Evros Delta. Dadia Forest is a national park with 166 bird species, 36 species of birds of prey, rare orchids and wild apple trees. The Evros Delta is an ecological paradise, where you can go boating. The experience of watching the flamingos mirrored on the surface of the lagoon is just unforgettable.

Nestos Delta

The Nestos Delta is located west of Kavala and covers 50,000 hectares. It is considered one of the most important wetlands in Europe and is home to the largest riverside forest in Greece as well as the lagoons of Keramoti, Agiasma, Erateino and Vassova. Worthwhile is a stop at Alatza Giolat, the Lake of the Colours, which impresses the visitor with the variations of the hues on its surface.

Where to Stay

Villa in Kavala, Greece Villa Nickolas
Villa Nickolas
44, Melinas Merkouri Str., Paleo Tsifliki, 65500 Kavala, Greece

Villa Nickolas is located in Palio Tsifliki, Kavala, just a minute's walk from the beautiful beach. The center and port of Kavala is a 15-minute drive away. The Airport of Kavala is a 40-minute drive away.

Hotel in Drama, Greece Diamond City Living
Diamond City Living
14, Andrianoupoleos Str., 66100 Drama, Greece

Diamond City Living is set in a central location in the city of Drama close to shops and restaurants. The National Airport of Kavala is 80 km away.

Hotel in Thrace, Greece Porto Vistonis
Porto Vistonis
Porto Lagos, 67064 Thrace, Greece

Porto Vistonis is located in Porto Lagos, very close to Vistonida Lake. The town of Xanthi is 25 km away. Komotini is 35 km away.