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Off the beaten path islands near famous places: combine popular islands with peace and privacy

Anafi ● Arkioi ● Chalki ● Crete ● Gavdos ● Patmos ● Rhodes ● Santorini ● 24 April 2017

In Greece, there is great variety of popular and famous as well as small and unknown islands. Every island of them has something different to offer to its visitor. Islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete are ideal for party, luxury restaurants and exceptional touristic facilities. On the other hand, islands like Anafi, Chalki or Arkioi, are perfect for peace, privacy and off the beaten path experiences. The most amazing thing, however, is that you can combine both! Island-hopping is easy in Greece since the islands are located in a close distance to each other. Therefore, you can spend a weekend in a crowded, famous Greek island, and then, relax in an unspoiled island, which is located in a close distance, and have amazing, alternative vacations with everything you are searching for. These are the best combinations to see wonderful and great places.

1. Patmos-Arkioi

Patmos is the new trend in Greece since it is a famous religious destination, but lately, it is also a popular island for young people and alternative travellers that want to feel the spiritual vibes of this sacred place and admire the architectural jewel of the Medieval Chora that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Near Patmos, you can visit a totally unspoiled and unexplored island, Arkioi. Take the boat from Patmos, and within a few minutes, you will reach this place that travels you back in time. Hospitable people, unbelievable serenity and low prices are the gift that you will get.


2. Santorini-Anafi

A lot have been said and written for the extremely beautiful island of Santorini, and everything is true. The volcanic island is an ideal place for your honeymoon, offers you impressive beaches and is also full of archaeological sites and museums. In a close distance to Santorini, you can find Anafi, a small rocky island that belongs to the complex of Cyclades too. With a typical Cycladic Chora and crystal waters, Anafi is also a perfect place for romantics that want to enjoy secluded beaches, cheap fresh fish and experiences away from mass tourism.


3. Rhodes-Chalki

Rhodes is one of the most famous and popular islands in Greece. Thousands of tourists visit it every year for its amazing beaches and its beautiful towns and villages. If you want to combine your vacations in Rhodes with alternative moments, there are many islands nearby for a day trip. Chalki is one of them, and it is definitely an ideal island with impeccable architecture and relaxing beaches that will make you forget everything.


4. Crete-Gavdos

Crete is an astonishing island that can offer you everything you are searching for. Interesting and beautiful towns with many things to do, like Chania, Rethymnon and Heraklion, delicious cuisine and stunning beaches are only some of the attractions of Crete. However, if you want to explore an unspoiled island, you can visit Gavdos, a tiny island that is located to the south of Chania and is the southernmost point of Europe. It is an exotic island, which makes you believe that you are swimming in the sea of Africa.