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Olympus the house of Gods

Balkans ● Greece ● Leptokaria ● Mitikas ● Olympus ● Thessaly ● 13 July 2016

Olympus the house of Gods

Mt. Olympos

The first time a human being set foot on Mytikas, the highest peak of mount Olympus,was in 1912. Around a century ago. The home of the 12 Olympian Gods, is still a challenge for anyone who is trying to explore it. This is why, even if someone has visited and climbed it many times, he will still have missed a picturesque village, a magical forest which still remain unexplored. A traditional tavern emits the smells of local recipes, still waiting to be tasted the next time you are going to climb the mountain.

Besides its endless beauty, Olympus has limitless volume. This is why it is divided in four regions. The hiking/climbing trails are based on this division. The following trails are the most classical ones.

First Trail, Litochoro - Shelter "Spilios Agapitos", duration: 2,5 hours

It is one of the most classical trails to climb Olympus, its starting point is of low altitude (300 m.) , at Litochoro (Pieria) leading to the shelter "Agapitos" which is on 2.100 m. altitude. This trail has really good marking.

Second Trail, Agios Konstantinos-shelter of "Koromila", duration: 2 hours

This trail is uphill, its starting point is Agios Konstantinos (280 m. altitude) leading to the shelter of "Koromila" (1.000 m. altitude).

Third Trail, Paleos Panteleimonas-Palea Skotina, duration: less than 2 hours

This is the easiest trail of the Lower Olympus and the most impressive due to the rare beauty of its sceneries. It is of low altitude, 400-500 m. and connects the villages of Palaios Panteleimonas and Palaia Skotina.

Forth trail, Megali Gourna-Mytikas, duration: 5 hours

What is special about this trail is that it leads to Mytikas the highest peak of the mountain ( 2,918 m).The highest peak in the Balkans. It is well marked, with red marks and plates for ropes which will help you during the climbing.