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Paros: learn here everything you need to know before visiting it

Cyclades ● Paros ● 06 July 2018
Paros is the second party island in the Cyclades together with Mykonos. A stunning island with interesting things to do, beautiful organised beaches and picturesque villages to stroll around, meet new people and of course have fun. One of the greatest assets in Paros is its location. It is located in the middle of the Cycladic island complex, and thus it can be part of an amazing Greek Island Hopping experience. Learn here everything you need to know about Paros, pack your suitcase and explore the most beautiful part of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades!

What to do

Paroikia Paros is the capital and the largest port of the island. It is a highly touristic town, where you can find many shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. Generally everything you may need during your vacation. The best spot of Paroikia is the Frankish Castle, which was built in 1260 by the Venetians. Parts of an ancient temple were used for its construction, and thus the castle combines the ancient with the Medieval architecture. Today, it is a picturesque quarter, where you can walk around and enjoy the view and drink your cocktail with the sound of classical and jazz music.

Naousa Paros is the second town of the island and one of the best-preserved Choras in the Aegean sea. In spite of its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the vivid nightlife, Naousa has managed to keep its traditional and authentic character. White houses, small blue churches, cobblestone paths and a small port with colourful fishing boats make the scenery astonishing. Naousa is the centre of Paros nightlife, and you can party there until the dawn in one of its numerous bars at the coastline or in the paved, labyrinth-like streets. Landmark of Naousa is the Medieval Venetian Fortress. It was constructed in the 15th century by the Venetians as a watchtower for pirate and enemy attacks. This castle is one of the best preserved medieval remnants in the Cyclades!.

Don't miss to visit one of the most famous Greek Orthodox churches in Paroikia. Panagia Ekatontapiliani Cathedral (Parikia) is dedicated to Virgin Mary and is one of the best-preserved Paleo-Christian monuments in Europe. The main church was constructed in the 4th century A.D., but during the Byzantine Times, were performed many reformations to the church. Today, it is a complex of Paleo-Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine elements.

If you want to spend cultural vacations, there are also many interesting museums you can visit in Paros. In Paroikia, you will find the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum, in Naousa the Wine Museum, in Lefkes, the Folklore Art Museum, and in Marpissa, the Sculpture Museum.


The beaches of Paros are exotic long bays with soft sand and crystal waters, where you can find all touristic facilities you can imagine! Paros beaches are the place to be if you love wind sports, such as wind- or kite surf. Strong winds guarantee you that you can have great time doing your favourite water sport on beaches, such as Pounda, Santa Maria, Kolympithres, Chrysi Akti and Tsoukalia. The distance between Paros and Antiparos as well as Paros and Naxos are also ideal places to try your skills in wind-or kite surf.

Pounda has the most famous beach bar on the island, which gets very crowded at summer. Basically, the beach bar of Pounda is the place, where all young people gather and have fun until late at night. World class Dj's organise super parties there, but if you want to spend calmer moments, you can just lie on the sunbed and sunbathe.

Kolympithres is the most beautiful beach of the island. Rocky formations, amazing emerald waters, soft sand and sunbeds/ umbrellas make this beach the best place for a day with your friends or your children. At Kolympithres, there is a great water ski zone where you can enjoy a day full of water sports, and then see the dozens of parrots kept by the owner of the beach bar as well as the drones that deliver coffee across the way.

If you are fan of windsurf, don't miss the long and sandy beach of Santa Maria. It is organised, and it also offers water sports facilities. It has a diving club and windsurfing centres, and behind the beach, is located a campsite that is one of the most popular in the Cyclades.

Golden Beach (or Chrissi Akti), thanks to its wind, is the ideal place for wind and kitesurfing. Every summer, an international windsurfing competition (Professional Windsurfing World Cup) takes place here. Thus, the beach is ideal for families and young people. Right next to Golden Beach, you can find the New Golden Beach, a less developed beach that can offer you peace and privacy away from the crowds.

Monastiri is a rocky bay in a close distance to the beach of Kolympithres. A monastery on the top of the hill dominates the landscape. Monastiri is a popular natural port for yachts, and it is known for its beauty and its impressive scenery.

Paros off-the-beaten-path

Paros is one the most touristic islands in Greece. But this fact doesn't mean you can't do alternative things away from the mass tourism. The nature of Paros is stunning, and the island has also wonderful mainland villages to spend some moments in the undiscovered side and feel the untouched aura of Paros.

In mainland Paros, you can do amazing routes, where you walk through blooming meadows in spring and small creeks in winter. The island of Paros is not as dry and wild as the other Cycladic islands, and thus there is always a beautiful piece of nature to explore. The cycling tour is the best option to discover as many places in Paros as you can. You will keep fit during your holidays in an entertaining way and also visit hidden beaches, steep cliffs and churches at the edge of the island.

Among the villages of Paros, in addition to Naousa and Paroikia, worth visiting is also the village of Lefkes. This was the island's first capital, protected from the strong Cycladic winds and with a breathtaking view of the neighbouring island of Naxos.

Don't miss also the Environmental and Cultural Park, which has walking routes that head down to some lovely, unexplored beaches. Langeri is an amazing beach, protected from the winds, offering an idyllic landscape, although it can only be reached by boat. Molos is another off-the-beaten-path bay with the wonderful shade of tamarisk trees and the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.

For a day-trip around Paros, we suggest you the small coves and caves between Paros and the neighbouring Antiparos. This excursion can be made by kayak or sea bike, but you can also take the boat in an organised tour. Antiparos is a small island, where you can go by boat in only 15 minutes from Pounda. Antiparos is ideal for a day-trip, but you can visit the island also at night as the boat to Antiparos operates 24/7. Antiparos has nice, sandy beaches and a typical Cycladic Chora, but you will be impressed by the positive vibes of the island that make you feel relaxed and joyful. If you visit it at night, don't forget to have a drink in La Luna disco, an after-bar that is the most famous disco in Greece.


The food in Paros has some delicious traditional local dishes you can taste in the Greek taverns of the island. Generally, the cuisine of Paros offers you an amazing culinary experience and gets you straight forward to a culinary heaven. Welcome to the paradise of the Greek cuisine!

If you like snails, taste karavoles. If you find this kind of ingredients unusual, we can reassure you that snails are very tasty and nutritious, full of proteins. Usually, they are cooked mpourmporistoi, which means boiled in tomato sauce. Gouna is a technique in Paros, which is used in seafood and especially in fishes, like bonito or mackerel. They are sun-dried until they lose their water and humidity, and then, they are grilled. The prolonged exposure in the sun gives the flesh of the fish an incomparable taste and a unique texture. Patoudo is the signature meat dish of the island. The whole animal, which is usually a lamb, or parts of it, are stuffed or accompanied by vegetables, rice, dill, cheese and chopped liver, which is first fried and then boiled in wine. It is a truly unique dish to taste in Greece!

In Paros, you will also find many pies with different filling. The most famous are the zucchini pie and the pies, which are filled with local cheese varieties, such as touloumotiri or mizithra. Salatouri is a gourmet dish with deep taste. It is actually a warm salad with ray, accompanied by oven-roasted, slowly cooked chickpeas that give the salad its sweet taste.

Among the desserts you should taste, Zaharobaklavas is the best. It is a variation of the traditional baklava you will find only in Paros. Ground almonds and honey that melts in your mouth make this dessert the best option after your delicious meal.

Paros offers also many wine types, such as Monemvasia white and reds, Mandilaria wines as well as the extraordinary Malvasia sweet white wine.

How to get there and how to do Greek Island Hopping

As above mentioned, Paros is the ideal island for Greek Island Hopping. This is true not only thanks to its top location but also thanks to the Greek Island Pass of Hostelbay. With this super Greek Island Hopping ferry pass, you can visit not only Paros but also Mykonos, Ios, Naxos, Koufonisia, Amorgos and Santorini paying only the price of one ticket!!

Thus, you can easily, flexibly and on a budget visit the most beautiful and famous Greek islands making all the necessary routes by boat or ferry. We highly recommend you to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience and enjoy everything the Greek islands have to offer to you.

So, start from Piraeus Port, the port of Athens and remember the route: Piraeus-Paros-Naxos-Ios-Santorini with Hostelbay island pass. Go from one island to another in less than 1-2 hours by the most convenient and luxury boats in the Aegean Sea. From Paros, you can go by ferry also to Amorgos, Koufonisia and Mykonos. To make a long story short, that means you can visit the jewels of the Aegean Sea with only one, exclusive ticket. You can combine your city break in Athens with a tour on the Greek Cycladic islands and return home with the best memories of your life!

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Paros, Greece Hotel Christiana
Hotel Christiana
Ampelas, 84401 Paros, Greece

Hotel Christiana is located in Ampelas, just a few meters from Ampelas beach. Parikia and Paros Port are 13.4 km away. Paros National Airport is 22.8 km away.