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Road trip in Tinos: the charming island with the elegant villages

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Tinos ● 24 July 2017

Tinos is an island, which is unfortunately combined in our minds with the Church and Monastery of Virgin Mary. When some friends of mine told me that they had great vacations in Tinos, I thought they were crazy. In my mind, only pilgrims visited this island. However, more and more of my friends described me the landscape and the villages of Tinos, and they emphatically spoke of an island that has nothing to do with its capital. The truth is that the main town, port and capital of Tinos is not typically Cycladic and has only a few traditional buildings. But everybody said that Tinos is something more than the crowded port and the church. So, I decided to spend a week there and explore the secret beauty of the island.

I was impressed. Apart from Tinos Town, the whole island is the ultimate elegant destination. Every village is charming, with typical Cycladic white-washed houses, local shops and pebbled streets, and cafés and bars have a beautiful taste that I had never met before. Pigeon houses are everywhere, designed with the traditional architecture and made from the local marble of Tinos that is famous all over Greece. The best way to discover Tinos is by car. Thus, you can go from one village to another and see more than one per day because the wonderful villages are literally numerous. Furthermore, by car, you can admire the nature of Tinos, the pigeon houses in the middle of nowhere and feel great in this amazing road trip.


Pyrgos is the largest and maybe the prettiest village at the north part of the island. It has a long tradition in sculpture. Don’t forget to visit the museum of sculpture, which is near to the marble sculpture school that even today has a lot of students of all over Greece. All restaurants and cafes are located at the square unter the big plane tree, but Pyrgos is actually calm and has no significant nightlife.

The village with the highest quality in Tinos is, in my opinion, Ysternia. Ysternia is a small mountainous village near Pyrgos with a breathtaking view that will remind you of Caldera in Santorini. There are in the village two café - bars that offer great breakfast and hip cocktails in a romantic scenery that nobody can forget. The lounge atmosphere of Exo Mera reflects the elegance of the island.

Near Ysternia there is another mountainous village with a beautiful church and green spots, Kardiani. Probably this area is the only place on the island that you can find flowers and trees, as Tinos is a barren island like all Cyclades. The orange pie in the traditional café of the village is a must. Generally, Kardiani is a great village to eat breakfast in its narrow streets.

Volax is a lovely island at the south part of the island with an impressive rocky landscape of natural monoliths. Don’t forget to visit the workshops of the basket- weavers that are a trademark of Volax. Last summer, when I have visited Tinos, on the walls of the houses in Volax, were written Greek poems (that were also translated)!


Dyo Choria is among the most beautiful villages of Tinos with a strong medieval charakter and amphitheatric architecture. The old white stone houses with their colourful windows will impress you. At the square of the village you will find also cave fountains.

The best beach of the island is Kolympithres. The beauty of this beach has to do not only with the stunning landscape and the long golden sandy cove, but also with the beach bar of some Australian guys that serve crepes and cocktails in a hippie scenery that is connected perfectly with the nature around the bay.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Tinos, Greece Tinos Resort
Tinos Resort
Agiou Charalampou Square, Tinos Town (Chora), 84200 Tinos, Greece

Centrally located in Tinos town (Chora),Tinos Resort offers accommodation in luxury suites just a 5-minute walk from the main port of the island and from the organized beach. ##