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Romantic weekend to Nafplion

Argolis ● Athens ● Greece ● Nafplion ● Peloponnese ● 21 October 2016

Romantic weekend to Nafplion

Nafplion is among the most beautiful towns in the area of Argolis, in eastern Peloponnese, if not all over Greece. A breath away from Athens (only 1,5 hour drive) is one of the best destinations in mainland Greece for a weekend. This is why every Athenian has spent many weekends in his life in Naflion and that is also a reason for every traveller, who wants to visit a traditional town outside Athens, to spend a weekend or just one day to this romantic small city.


The medieval atmosphere of Naflion together with the nostalgic aura of the old town, the cosmopolitanism and the mixture of old history make this trip the perfect spot for couples that want to enjoy the company of each other in a scenery, which gives their love an impressive character. The narrow paved streets are like a trip to the past and a walk hand in hand around them will be unforgettable. The old town combines the romantic ambience with a modern side, sophisticated art places, vibrant life and rich history in every corner. This idyllic city has many historical buildings with colourful bougainvilleas and the cobblestone promenade around them is a must. Worth visiting are the building of the first Greek parliament, the archaeological museum, the old mosque and the church of St. Spyridon, where Ioannis Kapodistrias was murdered. Don’t forget to visit also the Komboloi museum to admire a collection of about 700 different beads.

But Naflion has not only the traditional old town to offer. The tiny island with Bourtzi, the Venetian water castle, which you can see from the promenade by the sea, is a hallmark of the city. A great excursion is to take the boat from the harbour and visit it to watch Naflion from there. Palamidi, the fortress to the east of the Acronauplia, is also a spot you should climb up. From there up to the hill you can enjoy the magnificent view of Naflion on your feet.


Apart from a popular weekend destination during autumn, winter and spring, Nafplion is also a great place for summer holidays thanks to its lovely beach resorts. So, be ready to take a swim during your romantic weekend, if the weather is good, which is very likely to happen in Greece.