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Shipwrecks near Ikaria and Fourni

Aegean islands ● Fourni Ikarias ● Ikaria ● 17 July 2017
Ikaria Island is one of the biggest islands of the eastern Aegean Sea and one of the most unexplored. It is an ideal holiday destination for all ages, as it offers many activities related to the sea, hiking, climbing, and wellness. Its natural landscapes are incredibly beautiful and are rich in cultural and historical heritage. The island combines quiet and intense life, as well as relaxation and fun. Ikaria is well-known for the livelihood of its inhabitants and it is one of the 5 parts of the world that are  included in the “blue zones” (areas with the highest life expectancy). 
This is an ideal destination for travellers looking for something alternative, something far away from the ordinary classic Greek islands. Anyone can visit regardless of their income level! Ikaria embraces its visitors all year round and invites them to live like the locals!

Near Fourni (islets close to Ikaria Island) 23 shipwrecks came to light including great findings within their surrounding areas

The archaeological research was launched on June 8 (2017) by the Ephorate of Old Antiquities, with the support of the RPM Nautical Foundation. The mission was carried out using respiratory devices and focused mainly on the coastal zone and at depths of up to 65 meters.

What is astonishing, according to the archaeologists, is not only the number of the shipwrecks but also the diversity of the cargoes.

Fourni, an obscure island forgotten by the ancient sources, were due to their geographical location and the multifarious coastline, a destination that could facilitate the loading of ships in any weather conditions. They were a marine hub of over-local importance associated with a wider network of sea routes in antiquity. This cluster of islands, islets and rocky islands of the Eastern Aegean can be found west-southwest of Samos and east of Ikaria (a little south between the two islands). 

 The shipwrecks dated from the end of the Archaic period to the 19th century

Ikaria is named after the mythical Icarus, the son of Daedalus. In order to give tribute to his name the ancient Greeks gave it to this picturesque island as a reminder of the human limit. The visitors can enjoy here the eternal energy on this island. Sixty villages, crystal clear water, rivers, wild vegetation, forests alternating with dreamy beaches, and local culture create a unique paradise. 

Make a suitcase with your most loose and comfortable clothes, tap at least one book to kill your time on the ship and start for the island that has found the meaning of life.

Top things to do when you set foot on Ikaria Island:
-Festivals: traditional rituals that give rhythm to your soul
The “tsambouna” and the violin will have you dancing all night long. The festivals in Ikaria have their own psyche. You should consider yourself lucky if you become part of this mesmerising events. All villages set up their own festivals on occasion of a celebration all year round. Most of them last from morning to night or from evening to morning!

Seychelles in Ikaria

-Visit the village “Christos at Raches”
A place where the day begins at night. This village opens its shops in the evening to make the day's shopping... Besides, for centuries now they locals work in the fields, so this time was and is more convenient!

-Go to the beach called “Nas”
The river with its small waterfalls will win your heart. At its estuary, there is an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess named Artemis. It decorates the large pebbled beach while the sea makes the scenery even more magical. 

-Dive into the magnificent waters of Mesahti and Seychelles
These two exotic beaches are so different and unique. Mesahti: a huge beach with golden sand and blue water, ideal for surfing, games in the sand, and infinite relaxation overlooking the endless blue. Seychelles: a small bay located away from the main land, with whitewashed rocks, crystal clear waters and wild exotic beauty. The 10-minute downhill through the breathtaking rocks will lead you to the discovery of this astonishing beach. The view will reward you immensely. Get your supplies to stay as long as you like and enjoy this magnificent landscape. If you forget to take some snacks with you don’t worry. There is a canteen on the side offering a variety of delicacies for purchase!