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Signature dishes from the Greek islands

Amorgos ● Crete ● Ios ● Koufonisia ● Kythnos ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● Paros ● Rhodes ● Santorini ● 10 August 2018
Greek cuisine - Reading time: 4 minutes

Greek islands have a long and rich tradition in culinary culture. The vacation on them can be a true gastronomic paradise tasting amazing local dishes with fine ingredients in unique combination you haven't imagined before. Are you ready for a culinary Greek Island Hopping? The Cyclades offer top suggestions for the Greek cuisine, but significant role in the gastronomic landscape play also Crete and Rhodes as well as the Ionian Islands. We present you here the top of the top local dishes on the Greek islands. Welcome to the heaven of foodies!



Karavoles is a special dish in Paros with snails. Snails are boiled in tomato sauce creating a unique and healthy dish. If you thing that this kind of ingredients is unusual, we can reassure you that snails are very tasty and nutritious, full of proteins.

Gouna fish

Gouna is the technique, which is used in seafood and especially in fishes, like bonito or mackerel. They are sun-dried until they lose their water and humidity, and then, they are grilled. The prolonged exposure in the sun gives the flesh of the fish an incomparable taste and a unique texture.


Patoudo is the signature meat dish of the island. The whole animal, which is usually a lamb, or parts of it, are stuffed or accompanied by vegetables, rice, dill, cheese and chopped liver, which is first fried and then boiled in wine.


Salatouri is a gourmet dish with deep aroma and taste. It is actually a warm salad with ray, accompanied by oven-roasted, slowly cooked chickpeas that give the salad sweet taste.


Naxian Potatoes

The cultivation of potato in Greece started on the island of Naxos in the 18th century. The composition of the soil and the climatic conditions made the potato of Naxos worldwide known. Nowadays, Naxos is the center for the cultivation and production of the Greek seed potatoes. Don't miss eating French fries on this islands and don't worry about the calories!


Sefoukloti is a sweet-savoury pie with chards or wild greens, parsley, fennel, onion, mint and rice. Sefoukloti is a perfect signature dish to get familiar with the Greek cuisine of the islands as it combines two elements of it: the pies, which belong to the most creative dishes in every Greek family and the combination of sweet with savoury, which gives the recipe an unexpected advantage. 


Koukoulomaeria is a soup with white beans, wheat, corn and olive oil. Even travellers than don't like soups, they adore koukoulomaeria!



Tsimetia is a traditional dish in the Cycladic island Ios. This dish is composed of zucchini's flowers filled with rice and then baked or fried. They are the ultimate vegan dish and offered as an appetiser. You may find it weird to eat courgette blossoms, but the truth is that they are delicious!



The most famous signature meat dish in the Cyclades is in Amorgos, the patatato. It is slowly baked goat with potatoes, tomatoes, onion, spices, garlic, onion, olive oil and wine in the pot. This yummy dish can be found on every tavern of the island.



Mykonos offers the traveller many options regarding the food and has many international awarded restaurants with American, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. The thing is that in Mykonos you can also taste some amazing Greek dishes, such as louza. Louza is a delectable appetiser made of the best cuts of pork. It is one of the most famous local products on the island, made from pork centre loin. It is salted in brine, dried and prepared with savoury, allspice and pepper.



Extra tasty, velvety in texture, nutritious and sweet, fava of Santorini has awarded PDO status (Protected Designation of Origin). It is puree of yellow split peas and served as a dip, sprinkled with lemon juice, olive oil and onions. However, there are many alternative recipes with fava, such as with meat, small tomatoes, capers and octopus, or it can also be served as a soup.

Tomato fritters

Tomato fritters, also known in the Greek language as tomatokeftedes, are a signature dish of Santorini. Tomato fritters are dried tomatoes fried with flour and are the perfect veggie appetiser.
Tomato fritters


Wild goat

Koufonisia have a small agricultural production as well as long fishing tradition. Thus, on the island, you can taste grilled fresh fish combined with a variety of vegetables. However, the two tiny islands that constitute the island complex of Koufonisia are famous for the local dish of wild goat, which is served on every traditional tavern. Accompanied with creamy cheese, this signature dish is one of a kind! 



The most popular meze in Kythnos is a plate of sfouggata, which are small pieces of the local goat cheese trima fried with eggs and flour. It is the ultimate appetizer to start your lunch or dinner and can be combined with fish, seafood or meat.


Koukoulopita is a thin pie with the local goat cheese, onion and dill. You may find it simple, but it is a unique sample of the creative and delicious Greek cuisine on the islands.


Fried snails

This dish with the weird Greek name (chochlioi bourbouristoi) is a dish that you can find not only in French but also in the cuisine of Crete. Fried with flour and hot olive oil, doused with wine and sprinkled with wild rosemary, chochlioi is a special delicacy you should not miss. 

Cheese pies

Pies are very popular in the Greek cuisine. Especially in Crete, small cheese pies (kaltsounia) are filled with Cretan cheese, sprinkled with rosewater and topped with honey.


Gamopilafo literally means the rice of weddings, and it is traditionally served in weddings on the island. It is a deluxe risotto with meat, lemon juice and butter from goat's milk, which gives it its special taste and aroma. The combination of the ingredients has as a result an alternative dish, which is the Cretan version of risotto.


Dakos is the most popular dish in Crete, a combination of salad and appetiser, which is nowadays in almost every Greek tavern around Greece. Barley rusks, which are soaked in water or olive oil to get softened, are topped with fresh tomato and cheese, feta or myzithra. Salt, oregano, pepper and Cretan olive oil give dakos an excellent taste.

Meat with stamnagathi

Meat (lamb or veal) with stamnagathi is a recipe from Crete that many awarded restaurants all over Greece serve. Stamnagathi is a wild green vegetable with extraordinary taste. The meat is sautéed is hot olive oil and accompanied with stamnagathi and a sauce of fresh lemon.



Pitaroudia are fried pies with chickpeas, onions and tomatoes. This dish is one of the most famous dishes in Rhodes and the perfect appetizer before moving on with main dishes that will please your stomach.


Do you find the Greek salad boring and you want to taste a different salad? Avranies is a salad in Rhodes made of asparagus, cooked with virgin olive oil and dressed with a sauce from lemon juice and flour.


Chtapodokeftedes (octopus fritters) are made of minced octopus meat and delicious herbs, an alternative version of tomato fritters on the island of Rhodes.



Pastitsada is meat with spices and thick macaroni in Corfu. It contains meat cooked in butter in order to acquire its special flavour together with many different spices, mainly cinnamon that adds sweetness to the dish. The sauce is prepared with red wine and vinegar, hence its deep red colour. Pastitsada can be made with both beef and chicken, and it is served with pasta.



One of the most unique dishes in Zakynthos is called ladotyri, a thick, zesty cheese served in some variations of meze or even cooked into casseroles. 


Another signature dish of Zakynthos is spetsofai, a rabbit dish stuffed with cheese, served with herbs, and cooked in red wine. 

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