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Syros: the unique queen of Cyclades

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Ermoupolis ● Syros ● 05 July 2017

Syros is located at the centre of Cyclades, and its capital, Ermoupolis Syros is also the capital of this island complex. Syros is not typically Cycladic, but it distinguishes for its Venetian architecture. As an island, Syros has not the most impressive beaches in the Aegean Sea nor white-washed houses and chapels at the sea front. Basically, Ermoupolis Syros, the main town and harbour of the island, reminds more of Dodecanese than Cyclades, but it is one of the most beautiful and imposing towns of Greece.

In Ermoupolis Syros, you may think that everything, every house and every mansion has the purpose to make the port even more stunning. The most impressive building and at the same time the trademark of Syros is the Town hall, which was built in the 19th century by the famous neoclassical architect, Ernst Ziller. Inside the Town hall, is housed the Archaeological Museum of Syros with significant findings of the Neolithic Cycladic civilisation (4,000-2,000 B.C.) from several Cycladic islands.


The Church of Resurrection, which was built in 1870, stands on the top of the hill above Ermoupolis Syros and offers a gorgeous view of the Aegean Sea and the islands nearby, Tinos and Mykonos.

In Ermoupolis Syros, don't forget to take a walk in Vaporia Quarter, the most picturesque area of the town, with the houses, the taverns and the bars hanging just above the sea.

Ano Syros is also a wonderful settlement, which is basically the highest district of Ermoupolis Syros. It is built amphitheatrically since the 12th century, and the combination of Cycladic and medieval elements, the narrow streets, the wooden balconies, the arcades and the arches of Ano Syros, which is the fortress as well as the catholic suburb of the island, create an astonishing result that will charm every visitor.

Ano Syros

In Ano Syros, you can visit the Jesuit Monastery of the island, which works since the 18th century, as well as the Vamvakaris Museum, the museum which is dedicated to Markos Vamvakaris, who was born in Syros, the famous singer, musician and composer of the rebetiko, a music genre that comes from the refugees that came to Greece from Asia Minor in 1922.

The most beautiful beaches in Syros are located on the southern side of the island. Some of them are sandy and others are pebbled, but they all have crystal water. The best and organized beaches in Syros are Galissas, Megas Gialos, Kini and Poseidonia, lined up with family hotels, seaside taverns and beach bars. All of the beaches in Syros can be accessed by bus from Ermoupolis Syros.

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Where to Stay

Hotel in Syros, Greece Brazzera Hotel
9.9 10
Brazzera Hotel
Finikas Beach, Finikas, 84100 Syros, Greece

Brazzera Hotel is located in the village of Finikas, just a minute's walk from the beach. Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros and the Port of Syros are approximately a 20-minute drive away. Syros National Airport is 10.3 km away.