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The 5 best Greek islands to visit on a Yacht Charter

Greece ● Kefalonia ● Milos ● Mykonos ● Rhodes ● Serifos ● 05 September 2017

If you are a fan of the real adventure, if you want to explore the stunning beaches and idyllic islands of Greece away from the crowds, then renting a sailing boat or a yacht is the ultimate experience for you. Do you want to discover untouched beaches and customise your dream holidays? Island-hopping in Greece is easy because the distance between the islands is very short. Plus, many beaches on the islands, especially in the Aegean Sea, are accessible only by boat. Under these circumstances, sometimes the only way to explore the inaccessible Greek beaches is yachting. You can have your base on an island, where you can spend amazing moments, and from there make off-the-beaten-path routes to unspoiled beaches and the islands nearby. These are the top 5 Greek islands to visit on a Yacht Charter.


Rhodes is a beautiful cosmopolitan island, which can offer the traveller astonishing beaches, bars and clubs for endless fun, cultural opportunities, great touristic amenities as well as traditional towns and villages. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is located near the port, so you can dock there, and then, walk around the paved streets of the Old Town. Furthermore, what you probably did not know is that Rhodes offers you not only the above advantages but also a few small islands in a close distance to it, which are wonderful and perfect for a day trip from your base. Symi, Tilos, Kastellorizo and Chalki are stunning destinations, which will impress you with their well-preserved beauty.



Kefalonia, one of the largest islands of the Ionian Islands, is a charming place with beautiful exotic beaches, like Myrtos, Antisamos and Skala, as well as picturesque traditional villages and cosmopolitan places with an Italian style, like Fiskardo, Argostolion Kefalonias and Assos. This island is really a top vacation destination for everyone who loves the beaches with lush greenery and turquoise waters and wants to feel like he is in Italy on his summer holidays. However, the road network of the island is not so good. In fact, it is like the road network of most Greek islands, but the problem is that Kefalonia is a large island. That means that by your own yacht or sailing boat, you can comfortably explore every coast of Kefalonia without having to drive in these roads. Can you imagine a better combination for your vacations?

Assos Village in Kefalonia


Sometimes, you may think that it is impossible that a place can combine everything. Natural beauty, stunning beaches, elegant shops, wonderful villages, vivid nightlife, cosmopolitan atmosphere. In Mykonos, this dream can become true and make you have unforgettable vacations. Mykonos is the place to see and to be seen. Celebrities from all over the world visit Mykonos, and if you are a fan of yachting, you can't miss this huge party. Visit with your boat the numerous beaches of the island, spend unforgettable night at Mykonos Port, and spend the most luxury days of your life.

Little Venice in Mykonos


Milos is the best hidden gem of the Aegean Sea, an island that looks like the painting of a famous painter, a painting where unique colours, the volcanic soil and an amazing landscape were put together to create an extraordinary picture. Milos has astonishing beaches, maybe the best beaches of whole Greece. More than 70 beaches can be found on the island, and some of them are inaccessible by car. A sailing tour around the island is a must. You will admire impressive caves, untouched bays and colours you haven't seen before.



Serifos has a relaxing, romantic Chora at the top of the cliff, but the centre of its nightlife is its port with the famous bar "Yacht Club", which is a beautiful bar by the sea and a must in all Cyclades, playing mainstream music until late at night. At the same time, the beaches of the island are ideal for sunbathing and swimming in their azure waters, and many of them are unorganised and totally unspoiled, giving you the opportunity to enjoy vacations away from the crowds. Start your day by exploring these beaches, and then, drink your cocktail in this bar, which is ideal for yachtsmen.

Serifos Chora

Where to Stay

Hotel in Ios, Greece Skala Hotel
Skala Hotel
Chora, 85500 Ios, Greece

Skala Hotel is located in Chora Ios only 200 meters from the center of the village. The famous Milopotas beach can be reached within a 20-minute walk. Ios Port is a 10-minute drive away.

Hotel & Appartment in Milos, Greece Captain Zeppos
Captain Zeppos
Pollonia, 84800 Milos, Greece

Captain Zeppos is located in village of Pollonia, just 30 meters away from the beach. Milos Port is 10 km away and Milos National Airport is 12.5 km away.

Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece Nouvelle Hotel
Nouvelle Hotel
7km Thessaloniki - Oraiokastro, 57013 Thessaloniki, Greece

Nouvelle Hotel is located in Oraiokastro, just 8 km away from the centre of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki International Airport is 28.9 km away. The port of Thessaloniki is approximately a 20-minute drive away.