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The archaeological treasures of Kos

Dodecanese ● Kos ● 02 October 2017

If you have already booked your accommodation in Kos and you are day-dreaming about these vacations, you should know that Kos has not only exotic beaches and warm and sunny weather. Kos was a significant state in ancient Greece, and everywhere on the island, you will see samples of this magnificent period, such as Asklepieion and ancient Agora. The renovated Archaeological Museum of Kos Town narrates the island's history from prehistoric times to Roman era.

It is located in the centre of Kos Town, on Eleftherias Square, and thus it is the heart of the archaeological sites in Kos. Fully revamped, it is situated in a two-storey mansion, which dates from the period of Italian rule, and it houses displays from every phase of civilisation in Kos. The museum is separated onto independent sections that serve as short, coherent narratives. You can take the all-inclusive ticket for the ancient sites and museums in Kos, so that you can explore every section separately and return to them after having visited the other archaeological sites of the island.


The main hall draws a connection between historical developments and the evolution of the famous sculptural tradition in ancient Kos. The impressive atrium has been used to display sculptures from a wealthy Roman villa, and the well-preserved statues stand like sentries around the circular mosaic floor, which depicts the arrival of the God of medicine, Asclepius, to Kos in the 3rd century AD.

The new section of sanctuaries helps visitors explore the different types of worship that evolved in Kos through the centuries, with votive offerings from the Mycenaean era and those from the sanctuary of Asclepius, to statues of Demeter, the Kore and Athena from classical times to eastern divinities.

The upper floor, which has amazing view to Halicarnassus, is dedicated to education, another popular section for the visitors. The purpose of the halls is a trip into the past, starting from prehistoric times. In one room of this floor, visitors are invited to step into the archaeologist's shoes to examine the different layers of Kos Town in the exact way that experts do. Other halls are dedicated to the residents of the island and their daily life in ancient times. Through findings from graves and settlements, as well as through a film, you can get a taste of what life was like for people of this era. The image of a Hellenistic house, with its cooking utensils, loom and possessions of the man, woman and children, is complemented by references to the shops that existed in the town, the currency used and its exports.

The exhibition ends on a more personal note with touching stories, such as the farewell at the funeral of a child, that were inspired by grave findings.

Where to Stay

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Aegean Houses are located in Kos Town, just a 5-minute walk from the long, sandy beach of Lambi. Kos Port is a 6-minute drive away. Kos International Airport is a 30-minute drive away.

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