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The best beaches in Amorgos

Amorgos ● 29 April 2017

Amorgos, an unspoiled island of Cyclades away from mass tourism, is the perfect island to relax and find peace and privacy. Picturesque landscape, traditional agricultural villages, an impressive Chora and stunning beaches are the things you must see in Amorgos. The beaches of Amorgos are either partly organised, with a tavern or a beach bar, or secluded, nudism-friendly and unexplored. It's up to you to choose the style you want and spend and unforgettable day by the sea!

1. Agia Anna

Just 20 minutes walk from the famous Monastery of Hozoviotissa, the most important site in Amorgos, this gorgeous beach, located very close to Amorgos Chora, is a small rocky beach of spectacular beauty. It is not organised, so be sure that you have taken all the necessary facilities, such as water or an umbrella, with you. The English film The Big Blue has been shot in the amazing landscape of this beach.

Agia Anna

2. Agios Pavlos

Agios Paulos, located 10 km from Amorgos Chora, is a wonderful, extraordinary sandy beach that can offer you calmness because it doesn't get too crowded in the summer. It can be reached by car, and although it is not organised, there are some tourist facilities thanks to a nearby restaurant.

Agios Pavlos

3. Katapola

Katapola, located 6 km from Amorgos Chora, is one of the most popular beaches in Amorgos. It is a long sandy beach, which is also a developed tourist resort, with taverns and hotels at the coastline. It is partly organised, family-friendly and has a diving club.

4. Aegiali

Another popular, long sandy beach, organised and with a diving club is Aegiali. Aegiali is the second most crowded beach in Amorgos after Katapola, and it is located 15 km from Amorgos Chora. Behind Aegiali, is located the famous camping of Amorgos, full of young people and nice atmosphere.


5. Fokiotrypa

A sandy, non organised and secluded bay is Fokiotrypa, the ideal place to relax and admire the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. Although the beach is small, without umbrellas and sunbeds, there are above it cafés and taverns.

6. Levressos

In a close distance to Aegiali Beach, is located Levressos, a long sandy beach with crystal waters. It is secluded and unorganised, and thus, it is considered to be the favourite spot of nudists.

7. Mouros

Mouros, located 15 km from Amorgos Chora, is a small pebbled beach with lovely ambience. Turquoise waters, rocky formations and two small caves make this unorganised beach a place of stunning natural beauty.