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The best beaches in Sporades

Alonissos ● Skiathos ● Skopelos ● Skyros ● Sporades ● 02 May 2018

The islands of Sporades are characterised by lush greenery, beautiful and well-preserved towns as well as impressive beaches with verdant nature, golden sand and crystalline waters that make swimming there just unforgettable. If you are now organising your island hopping in Sporades and you want to visit all the 4 islands of the complex, these are the best beaches on each island. Beach hopping is the best way to enjoy the Greek sea, sunbathe under the famous Greek sun and admire the stunning natural environment with the pine trees and the impressive rocks dominating the whole scenery.

Lalaria, Skiathos

Lalaria is the most beautiful beach in Skiathos. It is a stunning landscape with sea caves and imposing rocks on a cove with white sand and emerald waters. The whole scenery is something more than exotic, a lunar setting, which will charm you and make you feel like having visited a totally unique world!


Koukounaries, Skiathos

Koukounaries is a typical beach of Sporades, with long, sandy coastline and a forest of pine trees behind it. It is organised and has one of the most famous beach bars in Skiathos. There, you can spend your whole day, swimming, sunbathing, drinking and dancing with other young people and generally enjoying the beautiful landscape around you.


Agios Dimitrios, Alonissos

The beach of Agios Dimitrios on the island of Alonissos is an impressive cave you should not miss! White sand, turquoise waters and the strange shape of the beach, which looks like a boat ready to start its journey, make this bay one of the most unique in whole Greece. Plus, while swimming, you may see also swimming a Mediterranean seal Monachus Monachus because this protected species lives in the waters around Alonissos.

Agios Dimitrios

Panormos, Skopelos

Panormos is the most beautiful beach in Skopelos. Long and sandy, with various touristic facilities, it is distinguished by lush greenery surrounding it. After swimming, don't forget to visit the nearby village of Panormos, where you can find many restaurants and cafés, as well as the ancient wall remains near the beach.

Magazia, Skyros

The beach of Magazia in Skyros impresses with its steep cliffs that create a breathtaking scenery as well as its emerald waters. Being the closest beach to Skyros town, Magazia gets crowded during summer, but it is definitely worth a visit. At the beachfront, there are nice traditional Greek taverns to enjoy fresh fish with this stunning sea view.