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The best excursions and tours in Paros

Cyclades ● Paros ● 01 June 2017

Paros is a beautiful Cycladic island, which offers its visitors vivid nightlife and interesting things to do. If you have many days to spend in Paros, we recommend you some excursions and tours you can do in order to feel the ultimate experience that the island can give you. Because Paros is located near many other islands of Cyclades, you can enjoy island-hopping, an amazing adventure to the numerous Greek islands, which is something unique you must definitely do in Greece.

1. Antiparos

Antiparos is a small island near Paros, where you can go by boat in only 15 minutes from Pounda Port. Antiparos is perfect for a day-trip, but you can visit the island also at night as the boat to Antiparos operates 24/7. Antiparos has nice, sandy beaches and a typical Cycladic Chora, but you will be impressed by the positive vibes of the island that make you feel relaxed and happy. Antiparos is the perfect island to meet new people and have fun. If you visit it at night, don't forget to have a drink in La Luna disco, an after-bar that is the most famous disco in Cyclades.


2. Delos-Mykonos

The excursion to the archaeological site of Delos is one of the best excursions from Mykonos. However, thanks to the close distance of Paros to Mykonos, you can visit this impressive ancient town also from Paros, and then, combine this excursion with a stop in Mykonos. In only one day and one excursion, you will have the opportunity to admire a significant monument, swim in the stunning beaches of Mykonos and explore the popular Cycladic island.


3. Naxos and Small Cyclades

Another island, which is located very close to Paros, is Naxos. But if you want to visit a calmer and smaller island, away from the crowds, you can choose one of the Small Cyclades, like Koufonisi or Amorgos.

4. Cycling tour

If you want to stay in Paros and explore every corner of the island, the cycling tour is the best option. You will keep fit during your vacations in an entertaining way and also visit inaccessible beaches, distant cliffs and churches at the edge of the island.

5. Beach tour around the island

A nice way to explore the wonderful beaches of Paros is the beach tour around the island. Every day, usually early in the morning, boats from Parikia Town (Paros) and Naousa Paros start the tours around Paros. You will admire the astonishing coastline of the island, enjoy your meal inside the boat and spend a whole day taming the waves.

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Paros, Greece Hotel Christiana
Hotel Christiana
Ampelas, 84401 Paros, Greece

Hotel Christiana is located in Ampelas, just a few meters from Ampelas beach. Parikia and Paros Port are 13.4 km away. Paros National Airport is 22.8 km away.