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The best seafood you can taste in Greece

Amorgos ● Astypalaia ● Chalki ● Crete ● Ios ● Lesvos ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● Paros ● Rhodes ● Santorini ● Zakynthos ● 24 July 2017
Travellers who want to combine their holidays with a chef-d'oeuvre cuisine made by fresh local ingredients must get to Greece! The Greek cuisine and its traditional, pure products are famous for their tasteful and nutritional quality. The gastronomic experience will make your vacation unforgettable as Greece could be described as THE ultimate foodie haven!

According to the Mediterranean or Cretan diet, fish is an integral part of the Greek traditional diet, and according to its consumption, Greece ranks second (after Spain) among the countries of Europe! Fish is an excellent source of protein, pretty low in calories. They are extremely healthy for the human body because they have omega-3 fats which among other things contribute to cardiovascular health and they reduce bad cholesterol. Fish consumption helps memory, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, and works as a "shield" for your skin against the signs of ageing. Each person should consume at least 250 gr. of fish per week.

Seafood with ouzo

Let's see some of the healthiest seafood that one can consume while exploring Greece. Combine this diet to have good health and get the most enjoyable vacation ever:


The sardines are small fish low in mercury and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as calcium. They are an excellent source of vitamin B-12 and vitamin D. The smaller the fish, the less mercury it contains. So, you better choose the smaller ones to avoid any unnecessary toxins. The most famous Greek sardines are those coming from Lesvos Island!

Anchovies (Gavros)

Greek anchovies are a fairly affordable option compared to other fish. However, they don’t lack any nutritional value. This fish offers plenty of valuable nutrients, such as high biological value protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Fried anchovies are a must try dish, one of the most preferred by the locals!


The Prawn is considered the queen of the seafood. It resembles a tiny lobster and is also bright orange when cooked. It has the same juicy white meat but and much lower price. Prawns are a healthy seafood to eat. You might choose to eat them fried, roasted, or even combined with tomato sauce and pasta!


The delicious shrimp is a low-calorie, rich in iodine and protein seafood. Both young and old ages prefer it. Its '' joyful '' light pink colour makes it a special favourite for many. Grilled, sautéed or as a part of a salad shrimps can preserve their wonderful flavour in any way you choose to devour them. 



Raw or steamed oysters are a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They hold low mercury levels. You can include them in your diet from two to three times a week as they are low in fat. They are an important source of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E. Oysters are the richest source of zinc which plays a key role in wound healing and in keeping a healthy immune system.



Scallops are a cosmopolitan choice since they populate in all the oceans and are considered VIP in their class regarding gastronomical terms. Undoubtedly, they are more delicious than oysters, mussels, and other shellfish. Some people consider them even tastier than the notorious lobster! Scallops have a variety of sizes and they are safe to eat 2-3 times a week. Low in toxins and high in protein, they are delicious on their own or in a salad.


The octopus contains many essential vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fats that contribute to a balanced and healthy diet. It has less cholesterol than any other seafood! The Greek octopus, in addition to its yummier taste, is even more beautiful and visually appealing. Its great advantage is its characteristic flavour and the slight odour of iodine, two elements as durable as its powerful muscular system.  It facilitates the strengthening and improvement of the brain in children and has beneficial properties in the prevention of diseases such as chronic bronchitis and Alzheimer's disease.

In case you want to get a small perception of what the locals have in their everyday diet then you should try the different fish that inhabit the Greek sea. When you find yourself at a local tavern, do ask what kind of fresh fish the menu has to offer. 
Some good choices would be the following: Greek Sea Bass (Lavraki), Greek Cod with Garlic Sauce (Bakaliaros), Smelts (Marides), Mackerel (Kolios), and Bream Fish (Tsipoura). 

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