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The best sites and excursions in Santorini

Santorini ● 10 April 2017

Santorini, the captivating Cycladic island, offers its visitor numerous and amazing things to do. In addition to romantic moments with your other half, watching the sunset in Oia with a wonderful view of the Caldera, or swimming in the crystal waters of the unique beaches of the island, in Santorini, there are also many museums and sites you can visit as well as excursions you can do that make your vacations unforgettable.

1. Archaeological Site of Akrotiri

Akrotiri Minoan Site (Santorini) is located on the southern side of the island, in a close distance to the famous Red Beach (Santorini). It is visited by thousands of visitors each year thanks to the amazing findings of an ancient fully-working and developed settlement, which was constructed around 4,500 B.C. The town of Akrotiri (Santorini) was covered by ashes and lava due to the enormous volcanic eruption around 1,650 B.C., and thus, it was preserved intact through time.

The Archaeological site of Akrotiri

2. Museum of Prehistoric Thera and Archaeological Museum

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Archaeological Museum are located in Fira Santorini. They exhibit findings, such as ceramics, marble statues, tools, weaponry and frescoes that have been excavated in Akrotiri Santorini, Ancient Thera and other areas of Santorini. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera has more impressive exhibits than the Archaeological Museum, which on the other hand, has a larger collection with findings from Archaic, Geometric, Hellenistic and Roman Periods.

3. The excursion to volcano, hot springs and Thirassia

In the middle of the caldera, stands the famous volcano of Santorini, a place you should definitely not miss. Many boats organise excursions to the volcano, where you can swim in its hot springs, which are considered to function therapeutically. The excursion includes also a visit to the two famous islets near volcano, Nea Kameni and Thirassia. You can swim there, eat traditional food in one of the popular taverns of the islets and enjoy an amazing view of the caldera and Santorini.

The volcano of Santorini

4. Wine tasting excursion

The wine of Santorini is famous worldwide. The volcanic soil and the special climate of the island give a unique taste to the local wine. Vinsanto, Mezzo and Nychteri are the most popular wine varieties that can be found in every restaurant of Santorini as well as high quality cellars all over the world. A spectacular excursion you can do during your vacations in Santorini is to visit some wineries on the countryside of the island. In their large vineyards, you can learn about the wine-making procedure and taste a glass of their unique wine.