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The best villages in Samos

Samos ● 29 April 2018

Samos, the captivating island of eastern Aegean Sea, is a unique world of stunning beaches, refreshing crystal clear waters, significant historical sites and lush greenery. But what is the most impressive thing with Samos is that it has very beautiful well-kept towns and villages, where you can stroll around, enjoy great accommodation in Samos, shop local products, feel the atmosphere of the island and visit cultural points of interest.


Vathy is the capital and the main port of the island. It is a lovely town around a bay with magnificent sea view. Venetian, neoclassical and modern buildings constitute a fascinating settlement with many touristic facilities, such as hotels, restaurants and bars. The promenade at the beachfront and the narrow streets inside the town is a must! The Archaeological Museum in Vathy is a very interesting museum you should visit. It hosts a 5,25-metre-tall kouros statue, but it has also other important findings, such as jewellery, tools and ceramics from the Prehistoric till the Hellenistic times.



Kokkari is a fishing village with a great atmosphere. Fishing boats and yachts, taverns by the sea and bars with cocktails create the perfect summer scenery. Vineyards and beaches with pine trees and crystal waters are around Kokkari, which is a popular resort and offers various amenities.



Karlovasi is the prettiest village of Samos. Stone mansions in the Old Town, lush greenery in the fertile surrounding environment, impressive churches, waterfalls, neoclassical houses and a Byzantine castle are exactly what you want to take perfect photos. In Karlovassi, there are also many ceramic shops, as the town has a long tradition, where you can buy your souvenirs from Samos.


Pythagoreion has a very nice beachfront, traditional architecture and amazing atmosphere with various touristic facilities, hotels and traditional restaurants.  It is the homeland of philosopher and scientist Pythagoras, from whom it took its name. Pythagoreion is also the second port of Samos, from where you can take the boat to Kusadasi, the town of Turkey, which is located very close to Samos and it is definitely worth a visit.



If you are looking for a traditional village, where you can meet the authentic side of Samos, Manolates is the place to be. It is a lovely mountainous village, surrounded by verdant forests and hiking paths, you should definitely explore on foot if you love trekking. Inside the village, the narrow streets, the small squares and the stone-built houses create a fantastic scenery.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Samos, Greece Mirini Hotel
8.2 10
Mirini Hotel
Kallistratous Str., 83100 Samos, Greece

Hotel Mirini is located in Samos town, just 3 minutes walk from the beach and within a 10-minute walk from the main port of the island. The hotel offers sea view accommodation with many traditional taverns, shops, cafes, supermarkets in close proximity.