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The best way to get from Athens to Crete

Athens ● Crete ● 25 January 2018

Have you chosen for your summer vacation in Greece Crete as the ultimate touristic destination that combines everything you need for unforgettable holidays? If you have just booked your accommodation in Crete, then you may wonder how to go from Athens to Crete. Well, in this article you can read about all the ways, but don't make the mistake to read only one! At the end, we reveal you the best and coolest way to go from Athens to Crete and discover every hidden gem of the Aegean Sea!


By aeroplane

From Athens, you can travel to Crete by aeroplane with many airlines to the airports of Heraklion or Chania. The flight lasts 45 minutes. Athens airport is located 35 km (45 minutes by subway) from Athens centre. However, the air-tickets during the high season can be really expensive, even if you book them very early.

By boat

All boats and ferries to Crete (Chania, Heraklion, Rethymnon or Agios Nikolaos ports) depart from Piraeus, the largest port of Athens that is located 15 km (about half an hour by train or taxi) from Athens centre and 50 km from Athens airport. Be sure you have plenty of time the morning of your departure in Piraeus because in the mornings -when all boats and ferries depart- the traffic jam in the port is so heavy that it is possible you need one hour to cover distance of 2 km.

The boat from Piraeus to Crete needs about 10-12 hours, and it offers the possibility to travel overnight and spend a convenient journey in a cabin, sleeping in Athens and waking up in Crete. This option is good if you want to take a car with you.

By ferry

Last years, there are some ferries that travel to the main ports of Crete. The journey from Athens to Heraklion or Chania lasts about 5-6 hours, and all itineraries depart early in the morning so that you can be on Crete in the noon.

Island pass-Greek Island Hopping

If you find the option of the ferry advantageous, then you should think of another possibility, more interesting and fascinating than just taking the ferry from Piraeus and ending up in Crete: Greek Island Hopping with the Island Pass of Hostelbay (learn more). You can buy online this exclusive pass, which costs only as a simple ferry ticket, but it gives you the opportunity to make several routes to many Greek islands anytime you want giving you great flexibility. What does that mean? That you can start your journey in Piraeus and visit the Cycladic islands that are located in the Aegean Sea between Athens and Crete. Can you imagine that? You will explore the Aegean Sea and famous islands, such as Mykonos, Paros and Santorini, to your way to Crete. You can stay on these islands as much time as you want and then take the ferry and go to Crete. From most Cycladic islands there is a direct connection by ferry to Heraklion in Crete, and the route lasts of course much less than from Piraeus (2-3 hours). And all of these, with a flexibility you can't find anywhere else and at a price that makes Greek Island Hopping more affordable than the direct journey from Athens to Crete.

To make a long story short, we offer you a deal to discover not only Crete but also the Cyclades without paying anything more than just one ferry ticket!

Where to Stay

Hotel in Heraklion, Greece Castello City Hotel
9.5 10
Castello City Hotel
1, 62 Martyron Avenue, Heraklio Town, 71304 Heraklion, Greece

Castello City Hotel is located close to the center of the Heraklion town, the ancient Pantokrator Gate and near bus and taxi stations. The distance from the main port of Heraklion is 2,5 km and Nikos Kazantzakis airport is at 6 km. Castello City Hotel is just a short walk from Heraklion beach.

Hotel in Chania, Greece Akasti Hotel
8.4 10
Akasti Hotel
Kalamaki, 73100 Chania, Greece

Akasti Hotel is located in Kalamaki, Chania, just a 5-minute walk from Kalamaki beach. Chania Town is approximately a 10-minute drive away. Souda Port is 13.8 km away while Chania International Airport is 19 km away.

Hotel in Heraklion, Greece Park Hotel
Park Hotel
19, Evrou Str., 71303 Heraklion, Greece

Park Hotel is located in Heraklion, close to Ammoudara Beach and only a 10-minute drive from the city centre. Heraklion Port is 4.8 km away and Heraklion International Airport is 7.7 km away.