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The coolest adventures you can do in Greece

Arachova ● Crete ● Cyclades ● Greek Islands ● Kalavrita ● Kalymnos ● Meteora ● Naxos ● Olympus ● Paros ● Pilion ● Zagorochoria ● Zakynthos ● 06 September 2018
Are you an adventurous traveler? Do you like to live moments full of adrenaline and beauty? We gathered here for you all the adventures and sports you can do in Greece. Breathtaking places, great variety and literally all the sports you can imagine. Fitness and adventure in Greece are not only a matter of summer. Even during winter, you can do numerous activities in majestic scenery. Just read this article, and you will understand what I am talking about. I have done many of these activities, and my friends have done the rest. I have great love in ski (yes, you can do even winter sports in Greece!), and I can give you many details about that, but of course I have explored many possibilities of other sports on the Greek islands or mainland Greece..

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Are you searching for a real adventure by exploring the stunning beaches and idyllic islands of Greece away from the crowds? Do you want to discover untouched beaches and customise your dream holidays? Island-hopping in Greece is an easy experience because the distance between the islands is very short. Furthermore, many beaches on the islands, especially in the Aegean Sea, are accessible only by boat. Under these circumstances, you should consider the possibility of renting a boat, which can offer you unforgettable moments under the Greek sun, near crystal waters.
Sailing can be done, if you rent a boat, in every island complex of Greece, such as Sporades, Dodecanese or Ionian Islands, in a fascinating Greek Island Hopping tour. Especially in the Cyclades, you can go a step further and check your strength and abilities in sailing, while Saronic Islands and Ionian Sea are ideal for beginners because they don't have strong winds. By sailing, you can go by your boat from one island to another and enjoy untouched beaches that are inaccessible by car or on foot. You can also test your limits in sailing with day-tours from big cities, such as Athens and Thessaloniki. Remember: everywhere in Greece, there is sea, and thus you can do sailing anywhere you want!

Scuba diving

Santorini has one of the most impressive sea beds in the world. Because it is a volcanic island, Santorini's seabed is a part of the volcano in the middle of the distance to Thirassia. Black sand, rocks, underwater gorges and other formations make this island the paradise for scuba diving lovers, and you can realise that only if you dive inside the caldera and see how a volcano looks underwater. Kalymnos is the sponge-divers island and a scuba-diving paradise. Every summer, in July, is organised in Kalymnos the Diving Festival, where you can visit underwater museums, take underwater photographs, do seminars for diving techniques and play water games, all for free! Generally speaking, on every organised Greek island, you can find scuba-diving schools or centers to rent the equipment. Rhodes, Crete, Zakynthos, Mykonos, Corfu. Naxos, Paros, Tinos, Kos and Lesvos are only some of the highly touristic islands, where you can enjoy this water sport with or without a teacher.
Scuba diving


All sports that need wind and waves can be done on the Greek islands and especially in the Cyclades, where strong wind is an essential element. Surfing, wind-surfing and kite-surfing are waiting for you! Naxos and especially the beach Mikri Vigla is the most popular wind- and kitesurfing spot in Greece. The wind is perfect for these sports, and the water sports centres and schools there are numerous. Paros is also the place to be if you love wind sports. Strong winds guarantee you that you can have great time doing your favourite water sport on beaches, such as Pounda, Santa Maria, Golden Beach and Tsoukalia. Very interesting is the fact that on Golden Beach is being organised every year the world championship of wind surf. The distance between Paros and Antiparos is ideal to try your skills in wind-or kite surf. Thus, these islands are also family-friendly. Kids and teens love these sports, and there is always a teacher to show them how to be perfect!


For the water sport of canoeing, calm waters are must. Thus, you have to stay away from windy islands, such as the Cyclades, and choose islands with shallow waters. The Saronic islands are ideal. For example, Aegina has sea waters without waves and a very interesting coastline with impressive rocky formations you can discover with your canoe. Perfect are also the Ionian islands. In Zakynthos, while canoeing in Marathonissi or Laganas Bay, you may see a sea turtle caretta caretta swimming around you!
Canoeing can also be done on the lakes of Greece, such as Prespes and Kerkini in northern Greece, Limni Plastira in Thessaly or Tsivlou Lake in Peloponnese. The natural setting around these lakes is just magnificent!

Bungee jumping

The Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos is considered to be among the most popular spots for bungee jumping worldwide. The impressive rocks that stand around the beach creating a friendly cove give you the opportunity to jump and feel the adrenaline while watching the gorgeous landscape of this fascinating beach from above. The Corinth Canal, near Korinthos, just one hour from Athens, is also a top bungee-jumping base.


You will find amazing the fact that you can ski on a mountain, from which you can see the sea mirroring the golden sun. And after skiing you can eat fish plates in a seaside beach tavern. Can you think of a better scenario for your weekend? The most popular ski centre is Parnassos. It is only two hours drive from Athens and near to the ancient archaeological site of Delphi. In this centre there are 13 lifts to 19 ski runs, two chalets, ski and snowboard schools and special stores for renting the equipment you need. It is located about 25 kilometres from the famous village of Arachova. Equally organised is the other ski centre near Athens, the Kalavrita ski centre at mountain Helmos. Kalavrita is a beautiful small town and is famous for the train that climbs the mountain from the seaside village of Diakofto through the Vouraikos Gorge to the railway station. Early and late in the season it is easy to ski and then go for a swim at the same day! Located just 10 km from the town of Karpenision, the Velouxi Ski Resort has 6 ski to 18 different slopes of varying difficulty. Evrytania is considered from many Greeks as “little Switzerland” thanks to its impressive mountains. Mount Vermio has two ski resorts, 3-5 Pigadia and Seli ski centre. The first is located 17 kilometers from Naoussa, near Thessaloniki, and has 4 lifts to 5 slopes. Seli National ski centre is the first in Greece, which is built in 1955. It has 19 slopes and 2 shelters with gym, sauna, restaurants and cafes. Falakro ski centre is near the town of Drama and is open only on weekends. It has 9 ski lifts to 21 different slopes and has the longest ski season among all Greek ski centres (from December to April).
Ski center in Greece


Greece is a mountainous country and has many impressive mountains, where you can hike in amazing paths or do mountain bike. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. It is located on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia. The landscape and the natural beauty of Mount Olympus is unique in Europe, and every year as well in the winter as in the summer, thousands of people visit it to admire its rich fauna and flora with their several species, to hike on its slopes and reach its peaks. The starting point of these excursions is usually the village of Litochoro, a beautiful mountainous village, where the travelers after the tour on Mount Olympus can relax, enjoy the breathtaking view and eat in one of the traditional taverns. The district of Pilion Volos consists of an extremely beautiful mountain, picturesque mountainous villages, each one with a different style and a unique character, as well as seaside villages since the most impressive with this mountain is that the sea is located in a very close distance to it. You can hike, admire the astonishing view of the gulf and then swim in the stunning beaches of the Aegean Sea! The best hiking path starts from Tsagkarada Pilion and ends in Milies Piliou, lasting about 2 hours. In the mountains of Pindos in Epirus, 46 traditional villages with gorgeous old stone-built mansions and bridges offer you a breathtakingly beautiful tour for hiking holidays in Zagorochoria. Vikos Gorge is your best chance to hike in a place with wonderful natural beauty. If you don't want to hike for 7 hours, you can follow the paths that connect the villages and admire the stone houses and Voidomatis River.
Meteora (= middle of the sky) is a formation of huge monolithic rocks, which are located in Thessaly. Amazing Byzantine monasteries have been constructed on top of these rocks, and the view of the valley is magnificent. Walking and hiking on the mountains of Meteora is not only a challenge, but also a cultural excursion between the monasteries. Before roads were built, these hiking paths were the only routes the monks had to communicate with the rest of the world.

Hiking you can also do on the Greek islands! Naxos is one of the few Cycladic islands that has a high mountain, Mt. Zeus, which has taken its name from the Greek God, Zeus. Imposing rocks, tenuous paths, ancient stone walls and rare flora is what will amaze you on this mountain. Of course, the breathtaking view at 3,000 feet is also an unforgettable picture. To climb and descend Mt. Zeus, you need bout 4 hours for approximately 5-6 km distance. Remember that it is better to start this activity very early in the morning, because the heat during summer can really exhaust you if you hike in the noon. Kalymnos is characterised by the wild rocky mountains, which are ideal for climbing. This is why the island turned into a climbing destination over the last years and developed important sports tourism that is vivid also during the off season. What impresses the athletes is the excellent quality of the rock and the huge potential of the area in climbing. Climbers from all over the world come to Kalymnos due to the giant cliffs and the seaside ambience. Surrounded by some of the finest limestone crags in the world, as the Grande Grotta cave forms a giant limestone amphitheatre, Kalymnos is a climber's paradise. White Mountains in Crete offer also wonderful hiking paths between traditional Cretan villages, where you can taste the worldwide famous Cretan cuisine, drink tsikoudia and then swim on the gorgeous beaches of the island!

Where to Stay

Appartment in Chalkidiki, Greece Milos Apartments
Milos Apartments
Main Street, Afitos, 63077 Chalkidiki, Greece

Milos Apartments is built in a quiet location in the village of Afitos, approximately a 10-minute walk from the beach. Thessaloniki International Airport is 74 km away.

Hotel in Aegina, Greece Liberty II
Liberty II
Agia Marina, 18010 Aegina, Greece

Hotel Liberty II is located in the popular sea-side resort of Aegina, Agia Marina, just 3 minutes walk from the longest beach of the island. The main port of the island and the town is at 13.2 km. Aegina island can be easily reached with a ferry boat from Piraeus (Athens), or Agistri and Methana islands.

Hotel in Rhodes, Greece Star Hotel
Star Hotel
129, Lazarou Tiliakou Str., 85100 Rhodes, Greece

The family-run Star Hotel is located on the outskirts of Rhodes Town, just 10 minutes walk from Zefyros Beach and 15 minutes walk from the centre of the scenic Old Town of Rhodes. The main port of the island is at 1.8 km. Rhodes International Airport "Diagoras" is 16 km away.