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The cuisine of Ios: creative dishes with Greek flavour

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Ios ● 03 July 2017

Ios is famous for its exotic, stunning beaches, its typically Cycladic Chora and above all the crazy nightlife for every age and style of entertainment. But Ios is not only an island, where you can swim in crystal clear waters, lie on astonishing beaches and have fun until the dawn. It is also a culinary destination, a place where you can taste delicious dishes and enjoy what the Greek cuisine has to offer. From traditional, plane little taverns by the sea to luxury restaurants with alternative Greek cuisine, Ios can offer you a culinary experience you won't forget.

Ios, like all Greek islands, follow the typical Mediterranean diet with plenty of fish, vegetables and fruits thanks to the rich vegetation and the significant agricultural production. Seafood, like stuffed artichokes, stuffed squids, octopus and every kind of fish are cooked in a unique way in all taverns of the island.

Ios Chora

Widely known are also the different kinds of cheese in Ios, which you can buy in many local shops in addition to tasting them during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Xinotyri is a spicy cheese, white kefalotyri is salty and sharp, skotiri is a blend of cheeses and mizithra is a mild cheese, which can be cooked with aromatic herbs or as ingredient of many delicacies.

Due to the important production of vegetables, Ios cuisine offers also many dishes ideal for vegans, like revithokeftedes (chickpea balls), tomatokeftedes (tomato patties), tsimetia (stuffed courgette blossoms) and sun-dried white-bait. 

Although the cuisine of Ios has as many ingredients the fish and the vegetables, stock-raising is developed on the island, and thus, the quality of the meat is top. Dishes with locally raised goat, lamb and beef are popular for their taste and flavour.

The delicacies of Ios offer you a great variety, such as almond and marzipan cookies (amygdalota), which are being prepared in all islands of Cyclades, as well as kaltsounia, which are sweet pies with cinnamon, honey and mizithra cheese and are also called melitinia. Pastelli is crunchy and made from local thyme honey and sesame seeds, while avgokalamara (also called kserotigana) are strips of fried dough drizzled with honey. Another local and healthy dessert is the dried fig rolls bound with sesame seeds. In general, Ios is known for its honey, and on the island, there is a fine variety of honey, which is called Mayotiko because it is the honey from May flowers and is noted for its aroma and amber colour.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Ios, Greece Brother's Hotel
9.7 10
Brother's Hotel
Yialos, Chora, 84001 Ios, Greece

Brother's Hotel is located in Chora Ios, only an 8-minute walk from the sandy and well-organised beach of Yialos. Ios Port is 1.5 km away.