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The delicious local dishes of Amorgos

Aegean islands ● Amorgos ● Cyclades ● 03 July 2017

Amorgos. The island of romance and calmness. The island of impressive beaches, of white-washed chapels at the edge of the cliff, with a typically Cycladic view of the Aegean Sea and its turquoise waters. The island where you can find the peace you are searching for, meet new, funny people, get rest and get lost in its unique world of authentic hospitality, simplicity and Doric beauty. Rocky landscape, stone-paved lanes, fuchsia flowers hanging of the bougainvillea and the windmills create a gorgeous image. Being in such a beautiful place, where you have plenty of time to admire the stunning natural beauty and relax on the beach or in the Chora, food is something you will definitely appreciate. Food is somehow or other a pleasure, and the culinary experience in Amorgos goes one step further.

What makes the cuisine of Amorgos unique is that this mountainous island is home to rare flora, like the endemic rokella or the origanum calcaratum, which is a particularly flavourful species of oregano. These herbs are used in almost all dishes and create an extraordinary taste you probably have not tasted before.

The pod fruit of the native species of pisum sativum is the pea, which is boiled and pureed for the fava of Amorgos, which is cooked with fennel and spring onions, when the local chefs create favokeftedes (fava balls), fried in virgin olive oil until they get slightly gold.

Monastery of Hozoviotissa

The agricultural production and the stock-raising are significant activities of the economy of Amorgos. Wheat, barley, apples, citrus and vines are cultivated in the plains of this fertile yet rocky island. Locally raised goats and sheep provide the taverns and the restaurants of Amorgos with high quality meat. The most famous local dish from meat is patatado, which is slowly baked goat with potatoes, tomatoes, onion, spices, garlic, onion, olive oil and wine in the pot. Hortopitakia are individual small pies with greens, made from the local greens called sefkoula together with spring onions, wild fennels and mint in hand-kneaded dough. Tsimiskadia are slices of mizithra cheese, which is made from sheep or goat milk and whey in molds woven from reeds.

In Amorgos, you can also enjoy alcohol beverages that have the aroma of Greece. Rakomelo is warmed raki with honey and herbs, while psimeni raki (=baked raki) is alcohol distilled from grape pomace flavoured also with honey and herbs. Psimeni raki is the traditional drink of Amorgos, which is being produced from the monks in the Monastery of Hozoviotissa.