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The gastronomic paradise of Lesvos

Lesvos ● 04 October 2017

Lesvos is an Aegean island that has admirable richness and quality of local products, including an ouzo culture, which is the culinary trademark of this destination, as well as a captivating cuisine where West meets East.

Ouzo, the famous product of Lesvos and also the national drink of Greece, has a unique taste you will love. To really understand the history and importance of ouzo in Lesvos, visit the World of Ouzo Museum, at the distillery of Ouzo Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis. The distillery is located in an olive grove in Plomari. On the tour, you can watch how the spirit is distilled and bottled, and afterwards, follows a tasting section. Generally, the island has many distilleries, such as Barbayanni, Pitsiladis, Giannatsis in Plomari and Spentza in Mytilene. Can you imagine a more tasteful experience than explore the production of ouzo and then taste the different varieties of this delicious alcoholic drink?

Lesvos is also known for its dairies and produces three cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin, feta, kasseri and ladotyri. You can find around the island many producers with quality products and excellent prices. Doukas in Mantamados, Dimitris Skordos in Nees Kydonies, Tastanis in Agra, Albanis in Mytilene and Salachas in Kaloni are only some of the stores, where you can buy delicious local products.

The island also produces olive oil, such as the awarded Aegean Gold, Meropi and Ktima Geras. Very interesting are also the Olive Oil Museums. The Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production in Agia Paraskevi showcases the olive oil production history of Greece. The Vranas Olive Press Museum is located in one of the first steam-powered factories on the island, which was built in 1887 by the grandfather of poet and Nobel Prize winner Odysseus Elytis. Beyond the well-preserved machinery, the museum also has a collection of art inspired by the old mill and created by popular Greek artists, as well as an exhibition dedicated to Elytis.

Olive Oil

Lesvos was one of the first places in Greece that started women's cooperatives, which have played a very important role in salvaging the island's culinary traditions. The cooperative in Skalochori produces delicious pasta and trachanas, while the one in Mesotopos is renowned for its sweet olive preserve. The cooperative in Parakila is famous for its chachles (trachanas baked with a tomato and cheese stuffing). The cooperative in Agia Paraskevi prepares really nice myzithrohalva (trachanas mixed with semolina and myzithra cheese), while the cooperative in Agra is a must for diples fritters with syrup.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Lesvos, Greece Morfoula
Vatera, 81300 Lesvos, Greece

Family-run Morfoula rooms are located just 20 meters from long, sandy Vatera Beach in Lesvos. Mytilene Town with the island's main port is approximately 50 km away. Mytilene International Airport is at 56 km.

Hotel in Lesvos, Greece Blue Bay
8.2 10
Blue Bay
Charamida, 81100 Lesvos, Greece

Blue Bay is located in Charamida, just a few-minutes' walk from the beach. Mytilene town and Mytilene Port are 12.3 km away. Mytilene International Airport is 11 km away.

Studio & Appartment in Lesvos, Greece Kipos
Míthimna, 81108 Lesvos, Greece

Kipos is located in Mithimna, Lesvos, just a few meters away from the sea and the centre of the village. Mytilene, the capital and port of Lesvos, is 50 km away. Mytilene International Airport is 65.8 km away.