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The Greek island that charmed with its cuisine the great chef Anthony Bourdain

Cyclades ● Naxos ● 02 August 2017

Naxos is a top culinary destination, where you can taste the secrets of Greek cuisine. This island was the place that charmed with its cuisine the top chef Anthony Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain is one of the most influential chefs in the world and host of the CNN show Parts Unknown. On this show, which is a food and travel show since 2013, Anthony Bourdain travels the world uncovering lesser known places and exploring their cultures and cuisine. In season 7, he decided to visit the islands of Greece and introduce his viewers to the popular Greek cuisine on his way.


His first thought was to visit various Greek islands, and he wanted to start his culinary journey from Naxos, an island which was not that party as Mykonos. He wanted to explore an untouched piece of the Greek islands, and then continue his gastronomic adventure on other islands of Greece. However, the cuisine of Naxos charmed him so much that he stayed there, creating an episode entirely for Naxos.

The episode showed what the internationally famous chef ate and drank with the locals, but in addition to the delicious food of Naxos, he went around the island, which he described as gorgeous. It was the perfect opportunity for him to relax and swim in the crystal waters of the island.

Of course, Anthony Bourdain cooked in Naxos, making use of the fine ingredients and the amazing recipes of the Naxian cuisine. The fertile nature of Naxos provides the island with local goods that are unique for their taste and texture and impressed the creative chef, who wanted to present his unique version of the Greek cuisine on the islands.

The cuisine of Naxos is not uniform, but it is divided into three categories. In the local dishes of the coastal regions fish and seafood are prevailing. In the cuisine of the plains, vegetable and cattle dishes have a leading role, while in the mountainous villages, goat and sheep dishes constitute the Naxian cuisine. In this sense, it is not difficult to understand why the great chef felt like being in a gastronomic heaven, without wanting to leave.

Among the best local products you can try and buy in Naxos and were part of the dishes that Anthony Bourdain cooked, are the Naxian potatoes, the sweet tomato, dairy products, such as graviera or xinotyro cheese, and the citron liqueur. The locals treated Bourdain with this liqueur as well as raki, making him feeling totally relaxed and happy.

Where to Stay

Studio in Naxos, Greece Maroussa Studios
9.2 10
Maroussa Studios
Agia Anna, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Maroussa Studios is located only a 3-minute walk from the sandy and well-organised beach of Agia Anna. Naxos Port and Naxos Chora are approximately 6.3 km away. Naxos National Airport is a 6-minute drive away.

Villa in Naxos, Greece Depis Edem Luxury Villas
Depis Edem Luxury Villas
Plaka, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Depis Edem Luxury Villas are located in Plaka, a few-minute walk from Plaka beach. Naxos Town and Port of Naxos are approximately a 15-minute drive away. Naxos National Airport is 4.6 km away.

Appartment in Naxos, Greece Depis Apartments
Depis Apartments
Geor. Vallindra, Naxos Town, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Depis Apartments are located in Naxos Town, just an 8-minute walk from Agios Georgios beach and a 10-minute walk from the main port. Naxos Castle is at 600 m. Naxos Airport can be reached within a 5-minute drive.