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The impressive waterfalls in Samothrace

Samothrace ● 01 April 2018

Vacation in Greece can reveal you hidden treasures you couldn't even imagine. Greek nature is truly impressive and has great variety. Virgin beaches, caves, gorges, rivers and high mountains constitute a landscape like a wonderful picture. This is exactly the case with Samothrace and its waterfalls.

Samothrace is located in northern Aegean, in a close distance to Alexandroupolis. It is a wild island with mysterious energy that captivates the visitor. An alternative trip for those wanting something different on an island that was a hidden gem since antiquity.


Samothrace offers a network of various types tourism as the visitor can enjoy hot springs, waterfalls, crystal waters, rare ecosystems and sacred ancient monuments. The main mountain of the island is called Saos, and it is a place that fascinates with its spiritual vibes. The mountain is full of natural pools that are formed by waterfalls, gathering the curious travellers from all over the world. These pools, which are called by the locals "Vathres", are a rare physical phenomenon, which is characterised by numerous waterfalls. Small, large, hidden or imposing, the waterfalls of Samothrace attract the adventurous visitors, who swim in the cold waters without wearing anything! The ultimate meeting point of hippies, hipsters and alternative travellers away from the crowds.

In Samothrace, you can also admire the largest waterfall in the Mediterranean Sea, Kremastos, whose waters fall directly into the sea from a height of 100 meters! Generally, the southern part of the island is full of waterfalls that fall into the crystal sea water of remote beaches you can reach only by boat. This tour is a lifetime experience that can be combined with a tour to see the strange geological shapes nearby.

If you are the type of traveller, who wants to explore the wild mountains and the beautiful nature, after the waterfalls, you can also try climbing. Feggari is the highest peak of the island, while Sfentami is a hot spring in a mountain plateau, where you can have for free a natural spa. In the springs and natural pools of Vathres as well as the sea of Samothrace, you can also enjoy diving, which reveals you an outstanding seabed and marine wealth.

Book your accommodation in Samothrace and enjoy vacation that has everything you want: delicious food, breathtaking landscapes, gorgeous sea caves, waterfalls and hot springs for natural spa, various activities and alternative travellers to meet new and interesting people!