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The insider's guide to Paros

Cyclades ● Paros ● 23 September 2017

Have you booked your accommodation in Paros? Congratulations! Paros is a lovely Cycladic island with wonderful villages, white-washed houses, narrow pebbled streets, stunning sandy beaches and vivid nightlife. Paros, especially in summer months, is a very popular island that attracts thousands of visitors. If you want to explore Paros off-the-beaten-path and discover its hidden gems, read this insider's guide and prepare yourself for amazing vacations!

The good news is that Paros is wonderful whatever the season, so if you have arranged your vacations for this autumn, you can admire Paros and its natural beauty off-season. In mainland Paros, you can do astonishing routes, where you walk through blooming meadows in spring and small creeks in winter. Although Paros is a Cycladic island, it is not as dry and wild as the other Cyclades, and thus there is always a beautiful piece of nature to discover.


Naousa Paros is undoubtedly the most picturesque village in Paros, where the heart of nightlife beats and the cozy small port has bars and fish restaurants by the sea. However, worth visiting is also the village of Lefkes. This was the island's first capital, protected from the strong Cycladic winds and with a magnificent view of the neighbouring Naxos.

On the road leading to Naousa Paros, at Monastiri Bay, you will find the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, which has walking routes that head down to some lovely, untouched beaches. Monastiri beach is one of the most popular beaches in Paros, but if you want to sunbathe and swim in an unspoiled scenery, Langeri is protected from the winds and offers an idyllic setting, although it can only be reached by boat. Molos is another off-the-beaten-track beach with the wonderful shade of tamarisk trees and the emerald waters of the Aegean Sea.

At Kolympithres, there is a great water ski zone where you can enjoy a day full of water sports, and then see the dozens of parrots kept by the owner of the beach bar as well as the drones that deliver coffee across the way.

For a day-trip, local people suggest the small coves and caves between Paros and Antiparos. This excursion can be made by kayak or sea bike, but you can also take the boat in an organised tour.

In Parikia Town (Paros), a must is Panagia Ekatontapiliani Cathedral (Parikia), which is dedicated to Virgin Mary and is one of the best-preserved Paleo-Christian monuments in Greece. Very interesting is also the Archaeological Musem as well as the ancient site in the neighbouring islet of Despotiko.

A great spot to eat and drink your cocktail with the sound of classical and jazz music is Parikia Castle with its pretty shops, bars and restaurants as well as its breathtaking view.

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Paros, Greece Hotel Christiana
Hotel Christiana
Ampelas, 84401 Paros, Greece

Hotel Christiana is located in Ampelas, just a few meters from Ampelas beach. Parikia and Paros Port are 13.4 km away. Paros National Airport is 22.8 km away.