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The most beautiful beaches of Mt. Pelion

Agioi Saranta ● agios ioannis ● Argalasti ● Makrinitsa ● Mylopotamos ● Pagasitikos Gulf ● Papa Nero ● Pelion ● Portaria ● Tsagarada ● Volos ● 01 August 2017

Emerald waters, golden beaches, and infinite forests that reach the sea. In the following lines, you are going to read about the most beautiful beaches of Mountain Pelion.

Blue-green waters reflect the tall trees of the surrounding forests. Paths passing next to streams and waterfalls that end up in deserted bays. Soft sandy beaches or full of small pebbles lie next to giant rocks that seem as if they dive into the water. It is really difficult to pick the most stunning beaches among the so many magical landscapes in Pelion. However, we tried to make a list with the must-see destinations. Read on and choose your favourite…
There are plenty of famous traditional squares on the picturesque villages of Pelion. Can you imagine yourself enjoying your coffee among the most well-known destinations for relaxation on the Mountain of the Centaurs? You can find the finest in Makrinitsa, Portaria Pilion, Tsagkarada Pilion, Visitsa, Mouresi Pilion, and Kissos.  These paradises offer their shadow with abundance.  The old plane trees create those shadows in such a way that they make you feel free and calm when breathing under them! The trees offer a significant sensation of coolness during the extremely sizzling summer days. They also help the atmosphere get more moisture, which is what makes those places the best choice to relax when the hot waves strike! After all, this is one of the best reasons to choose this enchanted mountain for your summer destination, especially during July and August. In fact, during the summer heat season, there are few visitors who prefer to stay and relax under one of those shadows during the day and go for a swim mostly in the afternoon when the weather is cooler. Let us just say that at night, you will need a jacket to warm yourself up. It’s no joke!

Pelion belongs in the regional unit of Magnesia. The beaches of Magnesia are combining the shades of blue and green at the very best. The beaches that gather the preference of the tourists are not very cosmopolitan but their waters can be compared with those in the Caribbean.

In Pagasitikos Gulf there are two tiny beaches, between Horto and Milina, visible from the road, where you can see the plane trees and the olives touching the waves... Some of the greatest choices are Marathias, just 8 km out of Milina with its huge olive trees and taverns. The tables are literally standing on the sand, before the beach. Wouldn’t you want to grab a delicious bite right now? Other famous resorts within the Gulf are the following: Sykia, Koropi, Kala Nera, Paou, Lefokastro and Afissos. Those beaches are child-friendly and are mostly chosen by families since the waters are calm and there are no waves. However, the best beaches to attend are those where the shores meet the Aegean Sea. If the day is not windy you will have the chance to relish the calm waters of the Archipelago, but even on the most “crazy” days you will be delighted to play with the waves on the shore! The wind-swept side of the mountain offers plenty of hidden gems for you to discover. Such gems are Mylopotamos, Plaka, Chorefto and Papa Nero which are preferred by the locals as well as the foreign tourists. If you want to find out some other not so known paradises then we suggest that you take the road through Argalasti where you will find otherworldly destinations like Melani, Paltsi, Potistika, Agioi Saranta, Fakistra, and Lambinou.

A picture is worth more than 1000 words, so we will let you witness this wild natural beauty on your own…


Mylopotamos is for sure the most recognised beach of Pelion. Its spectacular blue-green waters and the rocks that divide it into two beaches are characteristic. The rock formations create a “gate” where you can go through it and get to the second more private beach. Plenty of wedding pictures have been taken there, you might see a group of friends staying until late night while playing music with their guitars and singing by the fire…



Its turquoise waters end up on a small pebble beach, which is covered by giant rocks. Approaching a relatively difficult path, it is worth the trouble. If you don’t feel that adventurous to go downhill on foot, then you could try to reach this amazing place by sea as it is right next to Mylopotamos Beach. Either way, you will combine exploration with fitness and the result with leave you astounded!


Agioi Saranta

Next to Horefto (with its large waves and the golden sand stretching up to two and a half kilometres long) lies an almost secret beach with equally transparent, deep blue waters, sand, and fine pebbles. The forests reaching the waves and the rocks that surround it make it ideal for diving from above.


Unreal massive rocks that look like they sprout from the sea, ideal for diving in the crystal deep blue waters are what will get you pumped at first sight. Soft, golden sand stretching over one kilometre gives you plenty of space to choose where to put your beach towel and umbrella. No wonder why this is one of the most popular beaches on the magical mountain. When the night comes don’t forget to get a cocktail at the local night bar…


The deep blue waters are what helped give the name to this brilliant and large sandy beach. What makes it even more fairy-like is the complete absence of organisation. It is just you, the stunningly formed rocks and the green landscape that shapes this astounding scenery!

Papa Nero

It is a large and organised beach, with crystal blue aquamarine waters and a gentle, semi-sweet sandy beach. It is one of the best choices is you are staying at Agios Ioannis. This village is full of life during the summer, with plenty of taverns where you can also find fresh fish.


Plaka is a hidden beach with wild beauty. You can find it at Agios Ioannis, on the left side at the end of the road. The locals prefer it as it is more private than Papa Nero.
Trees that almost reach the point where the wave pops up, fine coloured pebbles, and waters that give the impression of  swimming in a pool are those characteristics that make Plaka one of the most popular beaches of Pelion.


Its large, white pebbles - which the locals call “krokales,” because of the sound they make when they are drawn from the water - end up in mesmerizing aquamarine waters. The beach is easily accessible by car while hiking lovers will be glad to learn that some of the most beautiful paths of Pelion connect it with Mouresi and Tsagarada. There is a tavern with some of the best fish around…



This beach is not easily accessible and it is very isolated. You have to get down a dirt road to find your destination. It is probably one of the most magical beaches of Pelion. You can find it near a village called Xourichti. The emerald waters of Limnionas will astound you. There is a small sandy beach with fine pebbles and one more secret beach with a small cave where you can swim next to the main one. In this place, you are going to get that wonderful castaway-adventurer sensation, one that you can only encounter on inaccessible beaches.

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Where to Stay

Hotel in Pelion, Greece Hotel Montagna Verde
Hotel Montagna Verde
Portaria, 37011 Pelion, Greece

Hotel Montagna Verde is located in the heart of traditional Portaria village in beautiful Pelion region. Pelion Ski Center is at 10 km. Volos town and the port are 9 km away, while Nea Anchialos National Airport is at 58 km.

Hotel in Pelion, Greece Pilion Terra Hotel
Pilion Terra Hotel
Portaria, 37011 Pelion, Greece

Pilion Terra Hotel is built between the popular villages of Portaria and Makrynitsa in Pelion. Pelion Ski Centre is 15 km away. The town of Volos is 12 km away.

Hotel in Pelion, Greece Hotel Votsala
Hotel Votsala
Chorefto, 37001 Pelion, Greece

The seafront Hotel Votsala is located 500 m from the beach in a quiet village of Chorefto in beautiful Pelion region. The village center, shops and restaurants are a 5-minute walk away. Zagora village is 7 km away, while Volos town is at 47 km.