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The most beautiful villages in Cyclades

Cyclades ● Folegandros ● Mykonos ● Santorini ● Serifos ● Syros ● Tinos ● 28 June 2017

Cyclades are an amazing complex of islands that are characterised by their unique character, their wild, dry landscape and their beautiful villages with whitewashed houses and narrow pebbled streets with lovely local shops. Thanks to the GREEK ISLAND PASS that Hostelbay offers to you, you can have the ultimate island-hopping experience in Cyclades and explore the wonderful villages of these islands. The most of these villages are called Chora (=land), so don't tangle with that since many capitals of the islands have the same name.

1. Oia, Santorini

The most beautiful and romantic village of Santorini is Oia. Calmer, quieter and more elegant than Fira Santorini, Oia is the ideal place to feel the mystery of caldera, listen to classic music in one of the wonderful cafés and bars, eat in a luxury restaurant and of course enjoy the sunset with your other half. The sunset in Oia and generally the romanticism of this picturesque village have made Oia one of the most popular honeymoon destinations worldwide. 


2. Chora, Mykonos

Whitewashed houses, windmills, narrow cobblestone streets with local shops, squares with traditional taverns, restaurants and bars, promenades by the sea and an amazing Cycladic atmosphere make the Chora of Mykonos one of the most beautiful villages in Cyclades. The best spots in Mykonos are Windmills (Mykonos), Matoyianni Street (Mykonos) and Little Venice (Mykonos).

Mykonos Town

3. Pyrgos. Tinos

Tinos capital is a crowded and not that well preserved town. However, Tinos has many wonderful and elegant villages that are the hidden gems of the island. Pyrgos is the largest and maybe the prettiest village at the north part of the island. It has a long tradition in sculpture. Don’t forget to visit the museum of sculpture, which is near to the marble sculpture school that even today has a lot of students of all over Greece. All restaurants and cafes are located at the square under the big plane tree.

4. Chora, Folegandros

Folegandros Chora the capital town of the island, is built with whitewashed houses with colourful windows and bougainvilleas hanging on them that strongly remind of the traditional Cycladic architecture. The cobblestone streets lead to the village’s squares, where the traveller can eat in romantic atmosphere local delicacies. On the top of the hill, from where you can have a magnificent view of Folegandros, is located the impressive church of Panagia with a stone path leading to it.

5. Chora, Serifos

Chora of Serifos is also located on the top cliff, from where you can have a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands. The central square is the best spot of Chora, where you can relax, eat, drink and buy local products from the shop in the wonderful streets around the square.


6. Naousa, Paros

Naousa Paros is the second town of Paros and one of the best-preserved towns in Cyclades. Despite its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the vivid nightlife, Naousa Paros has managed to keep its traditional and romantic character. Whitewashed houses, small churches, labyrinth-like pebbled streets and the tiny port with colourful fishing boats make the scenery amazing. Naousa Paros is the centre of the nightlife of the island, and you will see there many young people partying until the dawn.


7. Ermoupoli, Syros

The capital of Syros, Ermoupolis Syros, is not typically Cycladic, since it has mainly neoclassical buildings that will remind you of Italy. The atmosphere and the impressiveness of Ermoupolis Syros is unique and the greatest asset of the island, which is the capital of Cyclades.


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Hotel Christiana
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Hotel Christiana is located in Ampelas, just a few meters from Ampelas beach. Parikia and Paros Port are 13.4 km away. Paros National Airport is 22.8 km away.

Studio in Naxos, Greece Depis Place Economy
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Depis Place Economy is located in Naxos Chora, just a 5-minute walk from Agios Georgios beach. Port of Naxos is 1.2 km away and Naxos National airport is 2.5 km away.

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