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The most impressive beaches in Cyclades

Amorgos ● Cyclades ● Koufonisi ● Milos ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● Santorini ● 28 June 2017

Cyclades are a unique complex of islands that are characterised by the turquoise waters of the sea, their amazing beaches and their beautiful villages with whitewashed houses and narrow pebbled streets. Thanks to the GREEK ISLAND PASS that Hostelbay offers to you, you can do the ultimate island-hopping in Cyclades and discover their stunning beaches, which will impress you.

1. Super Paradise, Mykonos

Super Paradise Beach (Mykonos) is a beach with gorgeous beauty. Soft sand, clear waters, high quality touristic facilities and the typical Cycladic dry landscape around the beach make Super Paradise Beach (Mykonos) one of the best beaches in Mykonos. It is considered a party beach, with two beach bars and restaurants for having fun until night.

Super Paradise

2. Sarakiniko, Milos

Sarakiniko in Milos is a moonscape that impresses with its white cliffs, the turquoise waters and the waves hitting the volcanic rocks. It is literally a place you haven't seen before, a lunar landscape that looks like a bizarre painting.


3. Agios Pavlos, Amorgos

Agios Paulos in Amorgos is a wonderful, extraordinary sandy beach that can offer you calmness because it doesn't get too crowded in the summer. It can be reached by car, and although it is not organised, there are some tourist facilities thanks to a nearby restaurant. The unique beauty of this beach consists of its white sand and its strange shape that is exactly the opposite of other beaches.

Agios Pavlos

4. Gala, Koufonisi

Koufonisi is a tiny island near Naxos that is considered to have the most exotic and emerald waters of all the Aegean Islands. An astonishing beach in Koufonisi is Gala (=milk), which is a small cove that will leave you speechless. Imposing rocks, turquoise waters and total calmness and contact with nature create the stunning landscape of Gala.

5. Firiplaka, Milos

Milos has maybe the best beaches in the Aegean Sea, and thus, it can't be represented in this article by only one beach. Huge pink rocks surround the lovely beach Firiplaka, which is like the painting of a famous painter. Firiplaka is party organised with a few sunbeds and umbrellas, but the landscape is so impressive that the only thing you want to do there is taking photos and admiring the whole scenery.

6. Vlychada, Santorini

Santorini is not famous for its beaches since they don't follow the typical model of the beaches on other islands of Cyclades, with the white sand and the turquoise waters. In Santorini, the beaches have something different to offer to their visitors, the extraordinary beauty and the uniqueness of the volcanic landscape. Vlychada is the most impressive beach in Santorini as it is sandy, organised and nudism-friendly, but it is worth visiting mostly thanks to its lunar landscape that is one of a kind.


7. Pyrgaki, Naxos

Pyrgaki is the most exotic beach in Naxos. It is a golden, calm beach that reflects the peaceful character of Naxos. It has shallow waters, some sunbeds and umbrellas as well as a restaurant in a close distance that serves coffee and snacks. Therefore, Pyrgaki is family-friendly for an unforgettable day with your children by the sea.

Where to Stay

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Tinos Resort
Agiou Charalampou Square, Tinos Town (Chora), 84200 Tinos, Greece

Centrally located in Tinos town (Chora),Tinos Resort offers accommodation in luxury suites just a 5-minute walk from the main port of the island and from the organized beach. ##

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Main Street, Gavrio, 84501 Andros, Greece

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Studio in Naxos, Greece Depis Place Economy
Depis Place Economy
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Depis Place Economy is located in Naxos Chora, just a 5-minute walk from Agios Georgios beach. Port of Naxos is 1.2 km away and Naxos National airport is 2.5 km away.