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The renowned summer festivals of Ikaria

Aegean islands ● Ikaria ● 02 August 2017

Ikaria, the easy-going island of north Aegean Sea, is famous all over Greece for its "panigiria", the summer feast days, where you can have fun, eat the local cuisine and dance the famous Ikarian dance.

Panigiria are celebrations, which are connected with religious holidays and Saints, but are something more than just religious celebrations. They are an opportunity to meet the local people, make new friends, eat, drink and dance in out-door areas, and generally feel the festive atmosphere of summer in Ikaria.

Panigiria are a tradition in Ikaria, where the residents of all nearby villages gather in one village, play live-music, dance traditional Greek dances and offer their hospitality to all visitors. Thousands of people attend the panigiria in Ikaria, and the most amazing thing is that you will have the opportunity to eat, drink and have the ultimate fun with only 10-15€ per person. However, before your departure, check the dates because panigiria are the talk of the town. That means two things. On the one hand, it is a pity to miss attending a festival, so it is better to plan your vacations according to these dates. On the other hand, it is really difficult to find accommodation in Ikaria, if you haven't planned your journey and booked early your hotel or guesthouse in Ikaria.

Greek dance

The season starts in May and ends in November, but most panigiria take place in July and August. In total, 35 panigiria in various villages of Ikaria, such as Therma Ikarias, Kampos, Ploumari, Kastanies, Armenistis Ikaria and Agios Kirykos Ikaria, offer moments of entertainment to the participants.

There is no better way to get familiar with the local culture and generally the culture of the Greek islands. You will know how to dance the circular Greek dances, which come from the antiquity, and especially the traditional dance of Ikaria will impress you with its joyful and fast rhythm. Wine, delicious dishes of the local cuisine and demotic Greek music create the most festive atmosphere you can imagine. Panigiria typically start in the early afternoon and last until the next morning!

The most famous feast is the panigiri of Virgin Mary on15th August. Celebrations take place all over the island, but the most prominent locations are the villages of Christos Rachon and Lagada.

Where to Stay

Appartment in Ikaria, Greece Anemi Apartments
Anemi Apartments
Armenistis, 83301 Ikaria, Greece

Anemi Apartments is located in Armenistis Village, just a few-minutes' walk from the beach. Evdilos Port is 12.3 km away while Agios Kirikos Port is 42 km away.

Hotel in Ikaria, Greece Kastro Hotel
8.5 10
Kastro Hotel
Agios Kirykos, 83300 Ikaria, Greece

Being located on a hill Kastro Hotel overlooks the capital of Ikaria island, the picturesque village of Agios Kirykos. The port is at 650 meters, while the island's airport is 11.5 km away. Ikaria island has a ferry connection with Piraeus in Athens, Fournoi, Samos and Chios islands.

Studio & Appartment in Ikaria, Greece Studio Froso
8.4 10
Studio Froso
Chrisostomos, 83300 Ikaria, Greece

Studio Froso is located in Chrisostomos, an 18-minute drive from Agios Kirykos Port. Evdilos Port is 20 km away.